Friday, 10 April 2015

Current affairs luo Tianhong 32

This article was about a man waving at a car to stop, and hurled himself at it without any reason. The driver had a camera at the front of the car and captured the scene. It seems like the man was out to cheat the driver by pretending that he was hit by the car to get compensation. The driver lodged a police report.

I think that this type of actions can be very damaging to a society. The old man is probably trying to scam the driver into giving him money by pretending to be hit by the car. I think that what the old man did was very wrong, as he is manipulating the law. The law is there to secure the rights of everyone, and he is using it to get compensation for something that did not happen. He is misusing the law to scam others into giving him money. If there was not a camera there, he may have succeeded as it would be his word against the drivers. So, what he did was wrong as he was misusing the law, instead of using it to secure his rights, he used it to force others into giving him money which he did not deserve. This is very damaging, not only because of the risk of personal injury, and harming the driver, but also to the society. This incident, if the old man succeeded in scamming the driver, the case would probably attract a lot of attention, and if the old man gained compensation, the society may lose trust in the law. Many people would believe the drivers story, that the old man was scamming him, but the law must give him compensation because there would be no way to prove that the man didn't hit him, and this would cause a outrage among the society. If this happens, and it probably will, then the people would lose trust in the law. The would see that the law can't protect them against the scams, and people would start to be much less inclined to help others, to in any way involve themselves in positions which may incriminate them. This means that they would not dare to stop the car, even if the old man really needs help, and is not faking. This would have a huge detrimental impact on the society, as the people would need to trust the law to be willing to be morally integral, to help others without worrying about scamming, and trust in the knowledge that even if they got scammed, the law would protect them. So, I think that what the old man did was wrong.

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  1. I agree with Tain Hong's point of view since I too feel that what the old man did is wrong, since there are plenty of other ways to earn money other than scamming people's money. I think that the old man should find a job but if there are no jobs that would be willing to accept him, he should find the MP that is in charge of the region he is living at for financial support instead of scamming people. This type of scam would also put his life in danger, hence I think that he should not do that.