Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Ding Hong Yi 5

title: New liquor law takes effect

This article is about the new law about not allowing the public to take away alcohol from 10pm to the next day 7am and making the coffee shops in restricted zones known as liquor control area to have a stricter control. Most probably the selling of liquor that is controlled.

I think that the Singaporean government set up this law was maybe that they were afraid that there will be a riot around the area if the people become intoxicated and not know what they are doing and saying. If fights break out, the foolish (drunk) man will start hurting people, maybe even taking the glass boogie if the alcohol and start hurting people. This can lead to a very bad consequence. The government must be afraid that  the Little India riot will happen again after Mr Lee died. I find that the solution came out a little  late but it's better than no rule since prevention is better than cure.

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  1. I do agree with you that prevention is better than cure and in a sense, this strategy implemented is a very good way to prevent incidents like the Little India riots from occurring again. However, we have not consider about the consumers' reactions and the sellers' point of view, I am sure some consumers will be unhappy about the establishment of this law and for the sellers, their businesses might be affected and they might be making a lesser profit.