Monday, 6 April 2015

Jeslyn Teo (10) 2H

Date Of Article: 5 April 2015

Article :

Title: Mother In Malaysia Investigated For Negligence After Girl Falls To Death In Mall

Summary : A 6-year-old girl fell through the gap of an escalator at the Kenanga Wholesale City mall will be investigated for negligence.The mother was reportedly having an argument with her husband on the phone when Nurhayada fell to the basement from the second floor and died from severe head injuries.

Response : I believed that the mall was to be blamed for its negligence, but I think that it is more of her mother's fault for being ignorant and did not look out for the safety of her child. It's known that playing with escalators are dangerous and it's common to see parents looking out more for their children around escalators as escalators carry a certain danger to commuters, but the parent of Nurhayada focused on quarreling with her husband instead of looking out more for her children when they are already being very close to the railing and are playing with the escalator handle. This shows the ignorance of the mother, not looking out for her children when they are out of safety boundaries but instead focused on arguements. Thus, I think that this was more of the mother's fault.

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  1. Both the mall and the mother were at fault. The mall should have stopped the escalator immediately after they found out that the escalator was faulty so that nobody would continue taking the escalator. However, the mother was also at fault as she was oblivious to the surroundings and did not find out that there was a gap in the escalator. She has harmed the life of her own child and I believe that she will regret it.