Saturday, 11 April 2015

Jing Jing (23)

Article : Taxi driver who lent $20 to passenger with no money, " I'm embarrassed by all the fuss. "

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This article is about a taxi driver who insisted on giving the passenger, Mr Eden Ang, $20 after learning that he had forgotten to bring his wallet. On Wednesday, 8 April, the 62 years old taxi driver by the name of Mr Ee Teh, drove Mr Ang to an audition. In Mr Ang's post, it was mentioned that Mr Lim provided sweets in his car and gave him a packet of tissue paper. When Mr Ang had reached his destination, he realised that he did not bring his wallet. Mr Lim generously agreed to let him transfer the cab fare to him and also gave him $20 as " it was close to lunch time and he didn't have any money on him. " When interviewed, Mr Lim was reluctant and felt embarrassed by all the fuss.

After reading this article, I felt touched by his small act of kindness. I think that everybody should learn from him and be inspired to strive to display such generosity and kindness. I will like to quote, " he found the attention a little disconcerting.  " Mr Lim is a kind man who does not want to get attention for he believe that he was doing what he ought to do and this solely, proves that it was genuine kindness from the bottom of his heart that led him to help Mr Ang. If it was any ordinary person out there, he might fear that Mr Ang is trying to take a free ride and that it will be a false promise to transfer the money to him later on. This will definitely lead to reluctance in agreeing to Mr Ang and some might even make him contact someone to pay for him before he is allowed to leave. Mr Lim's act is truly commendable and I believe if everyone follow him and show little acts of kindness to others around us, this society will be united.

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  1. I also feel touched that the taxi driver gave Mr Ang money when he saw that he didn't bring his wallet and it's lunch soon. Taxi drivers don't really earn a lot of money but this taxi driver is very generous to lend money to someone and not get paid after taking a ride. Mr Ang must have felt very glad and touched too by Mr Lim that he did not ask him to pay the fare and yet still give him some money to buy lunch. I hope more and more Singaporeans can learn from the taxi driver and be a generous and kind hearted person.