Thursday, 23 April 2015

JOYCE 11 31/03

Mother of Amos Yee, teenage arrested for insensitive remarks on Christianity in video, says son is beyond control. Amos Yee, 16 this year, was arrested for posting a video on YouTube which allegedly celebrated the death of the late Founding father of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and in this video, he insulted Christianity too and this had angered a lot of viewers. The video was bombarded with negative comments, mostly saying that this teenage had done the wrong act which should not be tolerated.

More than 20 police reports have been lodged against him over the video as well as over obscene material posted on his blog on Sunday. Both the video and the blog post have since been removed.

From my perspective, I feel that Amos Yee, by recording a video that insulted late Mr Lee and also Christainity, has shown disrespect to both Mr Lee and Christians and has also brought disgrace to his parents. 

Firstly, I feel that Mr Lee should not be insulted as he's the founding father of Singapore, the founder of our homeland. Without his contribution, we wouldn't be living under a trustworthy shelter or living in such a comfortable and green city. Without him, we wouldn't have such advanced economic growth or  a fast loading wifi. It was him who sacrifice half of his entire life time just to bring happiness and bliss to his people. It was him who put food and water on out tables. It was him who brought us from a third world country to a first world country. Without him we're probably still a small fishing village with only a small population. He had always been giving his utmost when it concerns our welfare and livelihood. He's just like a father who cares for his children, taking care of their life, providing them with enough resources. He deserves to rest in peace and see his people be proud of what he has done. He had truly done a lot for us, we wouldn't be here if it's not because of his hardwork. Thus, I feel that AmosYee should not have been so rude and disrespectful to Mr Lee. He should at least give him some respect by hoping he rest in peace in stead of creating uproar during the nation mourning period.

Secondly, I feel that he should not insult Christianity. Although he is not a Christian, he has no rights to disrespect other religion. By insulting others religious belief, he was really rude and he would possibly cause an uproar across the internet. People would start attacking him with hurtful words and I believe that no one likes that feeling. Moreover, it doesn't look nice to have such a heating topic going around when it was supposed to be nation mourning period. 

Hence, I think that Amos Yee was doing the wrong act. He should learn to appreciate Mr Lee's contribution and also others' beliefs. His action should not be condoned too. He should be punished so that he would reflect and change. Until now, he still does not think that he's in the wrong.

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  1. Great point of view, I fully agree on what you have said. It is disrespectful to insult our founding father.