Sunday, 19 April 2015

Judy Huang (9)

Current Affairs (4) 18/03

Article Title : 'Honour the Spirit of What Papa Stood For'
Date Published : 18 March 2015
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This article is about what Mr Lee Kuan Yew's daughter, Ms Lee Wei Ling, said about his wishes during his lifetime. One of the things that he was really particular about was his housing estate. He insisted that it was to be demolished, even if it could not be demolished my his descendents because of certain laws, it was never to be opened to the public and only to family members.

This shows that he was really modest as he knew that after his death, there will be many people of the public who wants to take a look at the interior of the house and it might be opened into a museum. But he did not want that to happen because what made the people want to look at his house was what he had done for Singapore and his achievements. He does not want to be popular because of this, to him, all he had done for Singapore was truly from his heart and all he wanted from all those sacrifices, decisions, was a successful Singapore, which he had gotten in the end. And with the present Singapore, he does not want anything else. Mr Lee is really a modest man who did a lot for Singapore in his entire life. We can learn this value from him, when we are doing something for others, think only of how we can benefit them and not selfishly be thinking of what we can get from it. If everyone exercises this value, we will all live in a harmonious world where people take care of each other with no hidden intentions for themselves.

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