Friday, 3 April 2015

Lee Xin Yi (13)

Article name: Amos Yee, who made insensitive remarks on Christianity in video, arrested
  This article is about a boy name Amos Yee, 17 who was arrested by the Police due to his insensitive remarks about Christianity and our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew in a video which was uploaded on Youtube. The video title is called 'Lee Kuan Yew is dead, finally'. He was happy that Mr Lee Kuan Yew is dead and not only did he criticize him in the youtube video, he even compared him with Jesus. Many people lodged police reports upon watching the video and at least 20 police reports were lodged.
  I think that what Amos Yee did was seriously unacceptable. In the video, he even challenged Mr Lee Hsien Loong to sue him. His act of actions insulted most people, especially Christians. I understand that everyone have their own views and it was their freedom to say things they want. However, what Amos Yee said offended many people. He should really reflect on his words and actions. Even if he is really not happy with Mr Lee Kuan Yew, he should not even post his comments on youtube for everyone to see. It is quite disappointing to know that during the national mourning period, there are still people who want to change the atmosphere and creates more troubles. To him, Mr Lee Kuan Yew did not does anything that really earned our respect. However, I hope that he can think in another point of view. Without Mr Lee Kuan Yew, I do not think that he will even be there posting videos, criticizing others. The things that Mr Lee Kuan Yew did is more than enough for us to respect him with pride. If Mr Lee Kuan Yew did not step out and sacrifice himself, Singapore might still even be a first world country. Amos Yee should really think for others first before doing anything that are very sensitive and will hurt others. Even though he is only 17, I believed that the charges he will face can still be harsh, or he can even be jailed. Many people are now very angry with him and thus, I does not think that people will mind if the judges change the policies just for him. Amos Yee also caused his parents to be ashame. In the video, he also showed how his parents educated him to become such a person. He should think for his parents and not make them disappointed and angry at the same time.

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  1. Yes, I agree with your point. I think that this young man is very immature and ungrateful about the things he has today. Although I did not watch the video itself, but I understand that there are some people in this country that are actually happy when Mr Lee passed away. Often they criticise about his way of governing and the strict laws he set, often extreme, thus without Mr Lee they felt much happier. But I am happy and relieved that most of the people in Singapore would understand that without Mr Lee Kuan Yew's passion, determination and his strict way of governing the country, Singapore will not be able to turn into a metropolis today, where corruption is stictly dealt with, races can live harmoniously and the streets mostly have the least amount of litter. That is why there are a lot of Singaporeans were actually against his video and reported it to the police. Thus, I do feel that these people should feel the same way as most of the Singaporeans would and not only understand Mr Lee because he was a strict leader. His passion and leadership, after all, cannot be replaced, which is why he would forever be remembered
    About Your Structure:
    Your points are very convincing. However, I still feel that you should actually be specific in your points by separating them into paragraphs.
    For example, you can do a paragraph on honouring our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew and another paragraph on how his parents will feel.
    If you do this then I am sure your points will be clearer and also more detailed. :)
    Also, some language errors to take(For eg. "Did not does"- replace "does" with "do" and also "a first world country"- "first" should be replaced with "third" ) Do notes that a change in a word can change the meaning of the entire sentence.