Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Lee Xin Yi (13)

Article name: Boy survives six-storey fall at Stirling Road
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  This article is about a three-year-old boy who survived after falling down from a sixth floor flat. He hit the edge of a wall before landing on the carpark ground at Block 168 on Stirling Road. He did not have any other obvious injuries except that his back was bruised. The cause of him falling is that he tumbled out of the kitchen window when his grandmother went downstairs to retrieve a pair of pants that had fallen. Police investigations are still going on as the family declined to be interviewed.
  I disagree with the way the grandmother is taking care of the three-year-old boy.
  The boy is still a child, and is only three-year-old. As a grandmother, she should have experienced in taking care of children. Thus, she should not have even leave the boy alone in the house in the first place. Children likes to play and experience things that they are curious about and never experience before. Hence, there should always be an adult looking after kids at all time. Also, the grandmother mindset is wrong. She may think that she is just going down for a short while and there's nothing dangerous in the house. However, she is wrong. Nobody can predict what will happen next, just like her, who cannot even foresee that the kitchen window is a dangerous place and think of ways to not allow the boy to reach the window. The grandmother should think of all ways and try to prevent the boy from going near them. Despite that, in the first place, she should not have left the boy alone, no matter is it in the house or any safe place. It is a risk to leave kids alone especially when they do not know what is right and what is wrong. Lucky for the family, the boy did not suffer any serious injuries. They should be grateful for that and also learn the lesson. I hope that this kind of things will not happened again as since parents decided to give birth to babies, they should ensure that there is always someone with them and be responsible for any incidents that will happen. 

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  1. I do agree with your points. The grandmother, althought taking care of the child alone, should not leave the child alone at home. She could have brought him with her so that the company of each other can ensure each other's safety. This incident could have stirred up some family disputes, as the parents of the kid starts to worry and distrust about the grandmother's ability to look after kids.
    Structural comments
    Your first sentence: "...she should have experience in taking care of children..." You might want to add a word "know" to the next sentence to see the link between the sentences. "...she should have known that children should not be left at hom eby themselves..."
    You do have relevant points in your response, but your points should be separated into paragraphs. You should divide the paragraph into more paragraphs and each of these paragraphs should have a total of one to three points. (For eg., First point - Grandmother irresponsible, second point - ...) Use the PEEL structure to help you elaborate your point clearer.