Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Lee Xin Yi (15)

Article name: Man jailed for filming women in shop's fitting room
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  This article is about a man named, Tan Wee Sien, who was jailed for four weeks for filming woman in the changing room. He is a full-time national serviceman who previously working in a clothing shop and he was caught filming woman using a mobile phone while she was changing.
  I disagree with the man's actions.
  Firstly, it is a very serious matter for filming women when they are changing. As a salesman of the shop, not only did he not protect their modesty, he invade their privacies. These are things that even women don't do to one another. I do not understand what he was thinking when he was filming them. Looking at others private parts are not even fun at all but he enjoyed it so much that he repeated his actions many times. This show how sick-minded he is. Secondly, what he did make me feel more insecure while changing in fitting rooms of shopping malls or clothing shops. Not only did he makes me feel insecure, he makes everyone, especially females feel insecure. Clothing shops' incomes may drop just because of him as people are now more careful when changing. Especially in ships that have male salesman, females will tend to be more careful, or even not enter the shop despite how nice their clothes are. Thus, his actions not only caused himself to be in trouble, his actions also affected others. Many shops may also now be more aware of hiring male salesman or even do not hire them in a female's clothing shop.
  Hence, I feel that he should really reflect upon himself on his mindset and behaviors. If he continue with this kind of disgusting behaviors, I strongly believed that the charges that he will face will be more harsh than the charges he faced recently.

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  1. I agree with your point of view, that this man is absolutely sick and disgusting. He does not show any form of respect to the modesty of the other gender and takes advantage of them. His actions are the actions of a pervert and simply unacceptable. However, I feel that as Singaporeans we are lucky that we are protected by the nation's effective police officers and our strict laws that will protect us from these type of people and bring them to justice.
    You have very good points with good explanation. You talked about and elaborated well on your points, and also went a step further to talk about the effects of this man's actions on the other women in the society.
    But it is better if you separate them into different paragraphs to make them more distinct.
    Some corrections:
    You should use terms such as "pervert" to describe the "sick-minded" man and "sexual harassment" instead of "fun".