Thursday, 30 April 2015

Lim Xin Yi (15 )

Link to StraitsTimes online article :  nepal-earthquake-school-crumbling-so-orphans-sleep-the-open-201504

       In this news article , it was reported that as result of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on 25 April 2015  ( Saturday ) , had caused a meant for orphans and poor or neglected children to collapsed , living orphans from as young as 3 year olds to sleep in the open. This school is called The Children of the Universe and it is supported by a Singaporean , Ms Mo Shuyi, It was also stated that this school is situated just a few kilometres outside Kathmandu. According to the victims , the army has provided them with food , shelter and water. However, there is still currently n access to electricity there.

         Personally , I feel sorry for the people in Nepal. Gone were not only their properties but their loved ones. After the earthquake struck Nepal , it was reported that not only did homes in villages to collapse, but high-rise buildings were also unable to withstand the vibration and gave in to the earthquake. Worst of all , till now , it has been reported that at least 7000 victims of the earthquake have been found dead while many others were either still disconnected or injured. I think that all these people are innocent and it was just extremely unlucky of them to be affected. I think that losing one's loved one is not a trivial matter as one's loved one is of much significance to oneself.Therefore, I believe that it will take the family members or friends of the dead to take a long time to get over the lose of someone who ad been so important to them , some people might not even recover from it. Furthermore, house or either swept away poor in poor conditions. Therefore, it will take the people much money , time and effort to rebuild clean up the houses.
I also feel very fortunate to live in Singapore as Singapore is safe from this kinds of natural disasters that happen to almost very other country in the world. I also cherish the time I spend with my loved ones , in a place where I will not have to worry about a catastrophe brewing.

         Although Singapore is not experiencing such events, I believe that even though Singapore s a well-developed country, it will also not be able to avoid this disaster if t happens in Singapore. I feel so as I think that no matter how advanced technology is , it will never be able to avoid natural disasters that are meant to happen . I think that the most technology can help is by reducing the impact caused. Thus, I think that although Singapore is a very fortunate country to not experience such earthquakes, it will not be able to avoid it completely if it were to be able to happen in Singapore.

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  1. i Agree with xin yi that even though Singapore is a well developed country it will not be able to escape natural disasters forever. And when that disaster come, we will not be ready for it as not many of our buildings can withstand the impact of a natural disaster.
    however, i am confused by Xin Yi's use of this sentence Furthermore, house or either swept away poor in poor conditions. 'i do not understand her use of this sentence and hope that in future she will be clearer.