Wednesday, 15 April 2015

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       In this news article, it is reported that a Canadian, Peter Antony Kampos, of age 36 years, was fined $600 for pushing the emergencypanel of ab SMRT train driver's cabin and entering the cabin.According to Mr Kampos, he had noticed the emergency exit panel of the  driver's cabin at the rear end of the train and used it, as he wanted to get away from the crowded train carriage.

       Personally, I think that it was not rught of Nr Kampos to enter the driver's cabin at his on will. Luckily, the 2nd door that lead to the room where the driver is is locked. This orevented Mr Kampos to get into the driver's sight as seeing his sudden appearabce would probabky startle the driver abd cause him to lose attention on his driving.
However, if one were to view this incident from abother persoective, one will probably be able to empathise with the Kampos. As he is a Canadian, he may be new to Singaoore and unfamiliar with the laws under the Rapid Transit System Regulations. He may not bave known the laws under the Rapid Transit Systems Regulations. He may have not known about the consequences that his actions would bring about. He could have dont it and in a moment of rash and impulse.
Secondly, i think that it was very observant and smart of the commuter to report what he saw as i think that it was crucial in preventing Mr Kampos from further effort of trying to unkock the 2nd door. Also, if he had reported it , Mr Kampos could have been locked in the space between the driver's room and the commuter carriage, and if something were to happen to Mr Kampos, it is likely that nobody would know about it.

       In conclusion, I still think that Mr Kanpos was in the wrong and it was right for him to be ounished by the laws. I believe that in Canada, it is also ab offence for unauthorised people to enter the driver's  cabin .

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