Thursday, 16 April 2015

Leong Shi Hui Current Affairs Response 16/4/15

Article Title: Carnival Tickets: Students Fell Sales Pressure
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1. The issue being discussed is that a letter which was written by the principal of ACS (Barker) that was sent out to all the parents of students that are currently studying in ACS (Barker) and ACS (Primary) had been interpreted as pressuring the students to sell tickets for their fund-raising carnival and to buy $50 worth of tickets for their own use.

2. I feel that the parent should have read the letter more carefully since the letter has clearly stated that the principal 'recommended' the students to buy $50 of tickets and not forcing them to buy it. I feel that the parent should have read the letter more properly and if she has misconceptions or questions, she should have called the school's general office and pose this question to the principal and try to solve this misconception personally and not post this letter to Stomp and complain about it. This action will not solve the misconception between them and instead will turn this matter from a molehill to a mountain. Hence, I feel that the parent should try to settle matters between themselves. 

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  1. I agree with shihui that the parent should clarify this with the principal, and not post this online, but I think that the principal should be more careful with the wording, and give elaboration if necessary. As a principal, handling and issuing forms are very important, and he should have been more careful as it could have easily been misunderstood without extra elaboration. For example, the principal should have explained that urging the students to sell at least 50 dollars was not asking them to buy themselves, but rather appeal to more people, instead of just asking your immediate family. This could have easily been. Misunderstood as he did not emphasize enough on that part, so it was "covered" by the fact that he urged them to sell 50 dollars worth of tickets. When I read the comments on the web, many parents who went to the carnival clarified that the Ferrari was used to as a photo take, by letting people take photos with the expensive car for a fee. Also, the comments also mentioned that since it is a fund raising campaign, fees are quite high for each station, so only with 50 dollars can they enjoy the carnival. However, the principal failed to bring out these points in the letter, and I think that as a principal, he failed to communicate well through the letter.