Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Ng Yi Jie (17)


The issue being discussed in this article is about a secondary 3 maths olympiad question which turned out to be a primary 5 logic question. The question was leaked out by students who took the math olympiad test, although they are not allowed to possess their phones at all times during the test.
I think this question is too hard for a primary 5 student to solve. This shows how stressful and advanced our education system is, compared to international level. The question was declared to be meant for 15 year-olds, but the fact that it appeared in a Primary 5 assignment is indeed very shocking, as the teachers expected these 11 year-olds to solve the question. I was even confused by the question when I first saw it, but even more appalled when I found out that it was a question in a primary school assignment. I feel that teachers should not set challenging questions which are beyond the students' abilities. Very few may be able to solve them, and even the some smarter ones face difficulties in solving them.

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  1. I agree that teachers should not push their students' limits too far. This will pressurize the students at such a young age. I remember being very stressed out when I was unable to solve a math question last time. Imagine those primary 5 students, those minds going blank at the sight of that question. They must had been filled with frustration. I hope teachers can better understand their students' abilities before setting overly-difficult questions for them. It is not wise to overestimate the students' abilities.