Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Ow Wen Xuan (18) 15/04

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Article name : Man jailed for fimling women in shop's fitting room
Published date : 15 April 2015

  This article is about Tan Wee Sien, a former sales assistant who is now a fulltime national serviceman, committing 4 offences of insulting modesty. Not just that single case, there were also two other occasions when he filmed an unidentified women in the fitting room.

  As the writer did not express his point of view, I will talk about my point of view instead. Firstly, I find him a huge disgrace to Singapore because as a national serviceman, he should at least have known the rights and wrongs instead of doing such unacceptable acts. I feel really shocked reading this news that a national serviceman would actually do such a thing. I am sure that Singapore will take necessary actions against him and make sure that such thing will not happen again.

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  1. Yes indeed, It is scary how extreme the mind of a wicked man with crooked thoughts to do. The extent that one could go to is really mindblowing. The reputation of our ns system have been dealt a severe blow and that it has been tarnished by this wicked man. Further more, he isn't someone who is mentally disabled. The number of such cases has been on the rise and it is bad, partly because of much exposure to the internet. People are exposed to explicit websites and images. Most importantly,I feel that his actions are simply unacceptable. It affects the person who is being photographed. By photographing the person without consent,it has actually stripping the person of her dignity. It is disrespectful to the person as you gain knowledge about her body which she may not be willing to reveal. I hope that more measures can be enforced to prevent such incidents from occuring. With regards to your response, i feel that knowing what is right from wrong is required from everyone and not just ns men themselves even though they should be more disciplined.