Thursday, 2 April 2015

Sarah Lim (19)

Article: Singapore launches competition for videos on climate change
Date of article: 2 April 2015

Issue being discussed: National Climate Change Competition 2015 has been launched and it is seeking videos that will help Singaporeans understand the importance of climate change. The theme for this year is, "Our Climate, Our Choice".  It highlights the close connection between people's daily choices and climate change, and the urgent need for action to mitigate its impact.

I agree with the writer that our daily actions contribute to global warming. Mother Earth provided us with air, water, food and natural resources. In return, we should play a part in conservation so as to protect our home. In midst of advancements in technology, we shouldn't create wastage as it would mean a loss of resources for no good reason. We should always bear in mind that the supply of natural resources is limited, thus we can use them wisely instead. For example, we turn off the lights when not in use as electricity is derived from burning of fossil fuels which contribute to global warming.

Singapore Context: PUB has taken several measures to ensure water conversation as only 0.01% of earth's water is usable. Through media, PUB has encouraged water conservation and taught people how to conserve water. It's focus is to educate Singaporeans by changing their mind-set that water can be taken for granted. It also give free-giveaways (thistles, educational flyers...) to promote and instil conservation as a part of us.

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  1. Well said Sarah! I would like to voice my opinion too. I agree that we should play our part in protecting Earth. Where else can we go if we destroy the planet we live in? Earth is the only planet which has sufficient oxygen and an ozone layer for us humas. But 'sufficient' can also become insufficient one day. To maintain the amount of oxygen we have, we should try our best not to chop down too many trees (deforestation) without trees we cannot replenish our oxygen supply. We can help by little thoughtful acts, using recycled paper materials And throwing recyclables into recycling bins.