Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tong Yizhi 20 07/04/15

Article: Japanese woman is first centenarian to swim 1,500m
Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/the-big-story/asia-report/japan/story/japanese-woman-first-centenarian-swim-1500m-20150407
Date of article: 7 April 2015

Issue being discussed: in this article, a japanese woman of age 100 completed the 1500m swim and she is the first to ever done so for her age. She hoped to swim till she turned 105 if she could live that long. Her achievement is expected to be recognized by Guinness World Records. It states that there are nearly 59,000 centenarians in Japan and most of them are physically healthy. Some general observations I have made in Singapore, there are not many elderly seen in Singapore and it is very rare to actually find a centenarian. Furthermore, majority of the elderly who might not even reach 80 yet are physically unhealthy. Compared to Japan, this is a huge gap to me.
The writer states that these centenarians are physically healthy and I agree with him. They can swim, ran and do other things which are very difficult to be done by elderly. These activities are quite vigorous and usually are unsuitable for elderly for they have a weaker heart. If these exercises could actually suits them, this shows they are physically healthy, they might be even healthier than the teenagers nowadays. I think that for this 100 years old lady to complete a 1500m swim is something very impressive to me as even though she is really old, she could do something that I could not do as I do not know how to swim. I think she can actually be our role model, to show that she is 100 years old and yet she can do this, then we who are in our teens should not complain about unable to achieve certain things.
In Singapore, elderly do not usually do such vigorous activities, most of them do activities that are actually quite calming like 'Tai chi' which is very slow and suitable for them. It is very rare for us to actually see an elderly in a swimming pool.

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  1. I am quite shocked as I read this news. I think this woman has a strong will, something that all of us can learn from her. Even though she is much much older than all of us, she still has the energy and willpower and determination to swim the 1500m distance swim. She is someone we should all look up to and respect lots.