Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Tong Yizhi 20 2/04/15

Article: Fewer dengue cases but keep your guard up

Source: http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/fewer-dengue-cases-keep-your-guard

Date of publish: 20 April 2015

Issue being discussed: 

The number of dengue cases reported in the first three months of this year may have gone down by more than a third, compared with last year. However, residents still have to keep their guard up as the number of Aedes mosquito breeding spots in homes increased by 80 per cent last month, compared with February. Especially recently, the warmer months of June to October is coming and it is the traditional peak season for dengue, due to faster breeding and maturation cycles for the Aedes mosquitoes, as well as short incubation periods for the dengue virus. It is very advisable to keep their guard after all, there is no cure for dengue.

General observations: sometimes as I walked along my neighbourhood, I can see stagnant water unclear at the basin of flower pots. Sometimes puddles of water are seen after the rain. But as for man-made stagnant water like the flower pot, it is our responsibility to clear them to prevent breeding of mosquitoes.

The Second Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Grace Fu said we need every household to be vigilant and not to let their guard down because the environment at home will have a direct impact on our families and I agree with her. If we did not check for some possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes, chances of getting dengue fever will be high. I think it is important for us to be vigilant, especially during the breeding months as after all, none of us want to see our loved ones getting ill. Furthermore, dengue fever can actually cause death and they are not curable. Home may be a safe place but that does not mean it is hundred percent safe. If we let our guard down, then the safe home we all had will turn to somewhere dangerous due to breeding of Aedes mosquitoes.

I think keeping our environment safe, be it home or our neighborhood, is our responsibility. We should stay vigilant at all time and not let our guard down as we should not take our safe environment for granted.

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  1. Yes it is indeed safety first. We should always prevent breeding of mosquitoes so we should put away stagnant water. We should always put our lives and our loved ones' lives at stake to protect each other. It is a responsibility one should have and not let our guard down so easily.