Sunday, 12 April 2015

Wei Zeyu (21)

The issue being discussed is Minister asks museum to extend LKY exhitibition. The Minister for Culture Community and Youth Mr Lawrence Wong had asked the museum to extend the LKY exhibition beyond its original end date 26 April 2015 as well as the weekend visiting hours, in response to strong public interest. Mr Lee's red box where he put his working documents which has come to symbolize his dedication to Singapore is displayed along other personal items at the exhibition. 

I am elated to see this piece of news as I have not gotten a chance to visit the museum and look at Mr Lee's things which are displayed there and now I can have more chances to visit the museum. Mr Lee was our founding Prime Minister, he had devoted his whole life in building Singapore and had turn Singapore from a third world country to a first world country in less than 50 years. He had gone through many hardships and made Singapore, our home, a better place for everyone to live. We should also appreciate what he have done for us and all the hardships he had gone through. Although he had left us forever on 23 March 2015 but we will always remember him. This LKY exhitibition can help us Singaporeans, to know our founding father better, so we should be grateful and not take the things he had done for us for granted. A few days ago just after Mr Lee's death, a teenager called Amos Yee insulted Mr Lee on YouTube. I think he should not have done that, it was extremely ungrateful and irrespectful, he has no rights to insult our late founding father as he do not know anything about him. Thus I think this exhibition is very meaningful as it helps us to know our Mr Lee better so we will appreciate him better.

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  1. Good Points:
    You did elaborate on the points on what Mr Lee had did for the country

    Personally, I would also like the visit the exhibition to learn more about our founding minister. Singapore is sadden by the news that he had passed away, he devoted his life in building this country for the people. Thank you Mr Lee, your legacy will not be forgotten.