Saturday, 11 April 2015

Yeoh Zi jun 2H

The  article about today is that a cop in US state of south Carolina was slapped with a murder charge. Video footage shown him gunning down a black man who was fleeing. The officer,Michael slager,33, was arrested. There have been a handful of shootings at unarmed black man by officers in these recent months. Racism was clearly exhibited by the officers by targeting black people. I feel outraged at these officers. They are law enforcers. They are supposed to maintain order and discipline. And yet, they themselves created such an uproar with their uncivilisation. I feel enraged at the injustice where white man are able to roam freely without worrying about being shot while the blacks are worrying their minds off at simple daily actions like going out for a walk. Being a black, one can never live a day without worry unless racism is completely exterminated. The people often contradicts themselves. We have been taught by them to respect everyone,no matter the status. Yet they do not preach what they teach. I feel that they should stand in the black people shoes. Like Atticus said, one can never really understand them unless he has walked in their shoes. We do not understand the pain that these people are going through,simply because we are not them. However. Even I, a mere immature fourteen year old boy,is able to know to a certain extent that they are suffering because of our cold hearted actions. So why can't those people who are mature than me, able to understand that? The black people canno voice out their feelings, living in agony. They say that everyone has equal rights, but is that really true? I also feel that the charge was meted out reasonably. If this was to occur in Singapore, our image of a multi racial society will be ruined. Hence I hope that this kind of incident will not occur in Singapore because it simply cannot.


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  1. I strongly agree with you that we can clearly see racism in the act of that officer who shot the black man. I personally feel that the injustice is towards the blacks as they are treated very differently as compare to the whites, who will probably be able to escape from such treatment. However, I have a different point of view from you regarding the part where you said that you hope that this kind of incident will not occur in Singapore as I am very sure that such things will definitely not happen in Singapore since we have such a strict and law-abiding police force. I strongly believe that there will not be any unfairness due to the difference in race in Singapore.