Saturday, 25 April 2015

Yeoh Zi jun 36 2H

The article I am discussing about today is that an Aussie blogger faked that she had brain cancer and managed to survive it. When the truth came to light, it ignited widespread outrage. Ms Gibson had also failed to hand over money which she said that it was for charity. Upon reading this news article, my emotions were like a shaken coca cola bottle ready to be erupted. I felt very enraged at her lying about getting brain cancer and surviving it. It gave people false hopes of being able to be cured from cancer. Many people trusted her words and she quickly gained a large online following. It sheds a very bad light on herself. This goes to show that people were going to extreme measures and lord knows what she did to the money that was allegedly used for charity. I am very disappointed that there are such people in the community. I felt that something was off when she said that she survived cancer by abandoning chemotherapy and turning to wholes food and natural therapies. Her fraud endangered lives who stupidly followed her 'teaching'. However, the fact that some people were not skeptical about her story goes to show about their trust in the modern technology of being able to do most things. I feel sorry for the people who gave her the benefit of a doubt. If this was to happen in Singapore or is concerning Singapore in any way, I feel that we would be very angry as such behaviors should not be tolerated.


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  1. I agree with you that Ms Gibson's doings were wrong. However, I am unable to agree with you fully that it was totally her fault as she might be suffering from a psychological disorder which is usually due to early childhood trauma or distress. This disorder might lead her into doing inappropriate things like how she faked the fact of having overcame cancer. Thus, I feel that although she was partially at wrong, it was not totally controllable for her and that it is not totally her fault.