Sunday, 19 April 2015

Yi Ling (12) (20.4.15)

This article is about a younger who killed his own older brother by stabbing into his neck and was arrested for murder. The brothers were not on good terms and got into a fight that day. The domestic helper heard cries when she woke up to use the bathroom and the mother sounded so pitiful but she didn't dare open the door to see what happened.
I feel that no matter who serious a fight is, you should control your temper and not go to the extent of killing the other party, especially when the other party is your own sibling. Killing someone else is a very serious matter and it is definitely not worth it to kill someone just because of an argument. The younger brother should know to control himself and know the consequences of killing someone, to think before he act. If he thought before he stabbed the older brother, he would have most probably stopped himself from killing the older brother, knowing the serious consequences or murder.

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