Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Yong Jie Ning (22) 22 April 2015

Time to make babies - with a little help  

Source: iPad Straits time app 
Published on: 22 April 

The issue discussed here is that two pandas who were moved to Singapore in 2012, named Kai Kai, male aged 7 and Jia Jia, female aged 6 were showing affection to each other and started to mate for about 40 minutes in the shared closure. However, according to the veterinary, the session didn't seem to be quite successful and it may be due to Kai Kai's poor quality of sperm. Currently, they have artificially inseminated Jia Jia to increase her chance of conceiving as a female panda only have one reproductive cycle a year and only fertile for 24-36 hours. Therefore, it is important that the two pandas mate as pandas are currently endangered species of animals. 

The writer did not give any opinions on this topic but we are told that the pandas have very short reproductive time and thus, lead to pandas being endangered species in the world with only 1600 left in China while 300 around the world. I totally agree that it has been a hard slog as the pandas have only show affection to each other only after 3 years. Singapore is indeed fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to raise two pandas, especially that we are in a tropical climate which is supposedly not the desired climate for them but we have stimulated climate for them to be more comfortable. Also, because they have been showing affection for each other, the veterans and others do not wish to let this chance slip away so the professionals are trying to make their living conditions more comfortable and suitable for them, this way Jia Jia the female panda will have a higher chance of conceiving. I hope we can have the first panda born in Singapore especially in SG 50 and it will definately be a special occasion. Let's cross our fingers for good news! 

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  1. i believe that love should not be forced and i personally do not think that the veterans should artificially inseminate jiajia to increase her chance of conceiving just because jiajia and kaikai's mating session did not seem to be successful. if they do not like each other, i think that we should let them be and let nature take its course, we should not force them to do something they would not want because they are just like us humans. how would we feel if someone forced us to make babies with a person we are unfavourable of? showing affection for another party could just mean that the pandas are finally getting along, it does not neccessarily mean that they like each other. and also, inseminating jiajia could bring harm to her health, thus i disagree with the way the veterans are treating the love life of the pandas. even thought they mean well, they should know that forcing love is a terrible thing.