Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (31) 20th May 2015

Title Of Article: $8M Worth Of Ivory, Rhino Horns and Big Cats Teeth Seized
Published On: 20th May 2015
This article is about a recent case of smuggling in Singapore. What was supposed to contain tea leaves actually held 3,700 kilograms of Raw Ivory Tusk, with 22 teeth believed to be from African big cats, and four from rhinoceros, which was worth $8 million dollars. The Singapore authorities have seized the entire illegal haul last week as it stopped here en route from Kenya to Vietnam.  

I feel that these acts of extracting animals parts are just simply inhuman. These animals are innocent snd they have done nothing to hurt human beings, and yet some still choose to hunt them for their individual purpose: to sell them for huge sums of money. By killing them just to extract their horns in masses, it presents a major threat to the survival of these animals. It is definitely not worth it our too cruel just to kill and animals especially the critically endangered animals just to get money for their own advantage. Just because he or she wants to be a millionaire, exactly how many of the innocent rhinoceroses does she have to kill? Just because there are many greedy people who want to become rich, how further did they endanger these poor species of animals? I believe these people did not think before they act and have any sympathy for these animals. Selling these animal parts may be profitable, but they fail realise how much do these animals suffer as more and more of their kind get slaughtered mercilessly so that their horns can be retrieved. These wild animals are not "wild" and "inferior", but their also have mental and physical feelings too, just like us humans. Thus, I believe that this method of earning money is unacceptable and unreasonable as the process involves gruesome murders of innocent animals for the greedy advantages of some people.  

It is good that much of the world are doing all it takes control and stop the smuggling of animal parts from one place of the world to another. Despite not having to face these issues often, countries like Singapore still stays vigilant and would deal with such cases seriously with the strict laws that govern them. This article about a recent case of smuggling of ivory is one very good example. That is why this illegal haul could be stopped at the ports of Singapore, and the people involved would face the law. Some countries do face more cases of smuggling of ivory, probably because the laws are not strict or  the lack of strong security.  
I think as long as the governments of all nations and world organisations work together to continue to deal this smuggling of ivory seriously with stricter laws, I believe the situation can be controlled, and the endangered species of animals can be protected.

Yong Jie Ning (22) 20 May 2015

"At least 100 killed" in bloody clashes on migrant vessels

Source: iPad Straits times app 
Published on: 20 May 

The issue discussed here is that two Indian groups, the bangaladeshis and the Rohingya immigrants were fighting against each other in a vessel off Indonesia with axes, knives and metal bars over supplies in the vessels. Survivors were suffering from bruises and cuts while an estimated amount of 100 to 200 people were killed. The survivors either jumped down from the vessel to escape from the other party attacking or were rescued by the fishermen passing by. They were then being brought ashore in South East Asia after a Thai crackdown disrupted regular human-trafficking routes. However, the stories of each group were totally different and conflicting with each other. 

The writer did not express any opinions but I feel that they should have talked to each other nicely instead of having fights. This looks more like a racial strife except that it is occurring in a vessel, not in a country. Even if they couldn't talk properly to one another, they should not resort to fighting. At least they should have tried other ways to talk to one another like hand signaling or trying to make sound effects. I believe fighting is the poorest way of communicating and it is the worst resort to take as it only hurts people and no effectiveness in communicating with people. An example is the news above. This fight and different stories told by different groups of people shows the discrimination between the two nationalities. I think that this will not happen in Singapore as we are a harmonious country and we promote racial harmony. I believe that Singaporeans will also not resort to fighting even at the last choice so that everyone will be kept safe. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Audrey Yeo (01) for 25/05/15

May 18, 2015
The Straits Times
Amos Yee makes fun of bailor despite promising to apologise, prompts Vincent Law's son to defend his father.

I think it was ungrateful of Amos Yee to make fun of Mr Law who bailed him out of jail as i am sure no one else would, even his parents refused to do so as he had made fun of our former Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew whom many respects and also made fun of Christianity and the Christians.
Amos had even given a false statement claiming that Mr Law had and wanted to molest him. However, I think that Mr Law only wanted meet him as his youth counsellor as part of the condition of bailing him out. 
I feel that his 'sincere' apology was not so sincere afterall, as On Saturday (May 16), he wrote on his blog: "I should issue a sincere apology to Vincent Law? Hahahahaha."
I think that Amos Yee has some attitude problems. He thinks that he would gain fame if he continues to do such disrespectful and unruly acts and even refusing to cut his ugly mop-like hair. I strongly urge him to be sent to a psychologist. Even if force is needed.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

chua xinyue (4) 15.5.15

issue being discussed : a man stole 3 buses because he is obssessed with them. he travelled in those buses around singapore until he got caught by the bus operations' executive. after finding out one of his vehicle was missing, the executive tracked down the bus and found it near bukit batok central. being under 18, this man, salahuddin, is not supposed to be driving. he has committed both vehicle theft and underage driving offences. salahuddin has been obssessed with public transportations ever since he was a child and attended many exhibitions.

opinions : i find it very ridiculous how one can resort to theft because of one's interests. i could not believe what i read when i chanced upon this article. even if salahuddin liked public transports very much, it is totally over board to steal 3 buses whenever he liked to travel across singapore. moreover, he is not supposed to drive since he is not 18 years old or older. even if he wanted to drive a bus, he could have waited till he was a year older and find a job at sbs transit or smrt. 

Ashley Loo (16) 13/5

The issue being discussed here is a horrific accident that happened because of a drunk driver, killing four people, a Singaporean, his South Korean girlfriend and her parents. Not only the driver was drunkdriving, he was driving under the influence of nitrezapam - a sedative known to cause drowsiness and fatigue. The driver was not a stranger to such abuse as he was previously convicted thrice and sentenced to a total of more than five years for either possession or consuming a controlled drug. That did not stop him from abusing prescription medicine and speeding. Because of all of these, he caused a horrific accident. 

The writer didn't make any point of view so here's mine. I think that the driver is totally at fault in this horrific accident. The four victims weren't even driving on the road when the accident happened, they were stationary at the parking lot because they had a flat tyre at that time. If the driver did not drunk drive and eat drugs that will cause drowsiness, all of these could have been prevented. The driver should not ever drive when he knows that he was drunk and he ate drugs. The driver should have been sentenced to more severe charges since he had been convicted so many times. It is saddening that the driver who was utterly at fault wasn't the one who lost their precious life but the four innocent victims who did nothing to him and did not even know him beforehand. Now that he had caused four innocent people's death, he should realize his mistake and not drunk drive and eat drugs while driving again to prevent any more deaths to happen. He should learn to treasure his dear life and stop risking others' and his loves on the road. Lastly, condolences to Mr Amron's family and his girlfriend's families. 

Ashley Loo (16) 29/4

The issue being discussed here is many families in Singapore are unwilling to have organs taken from their loved ones after they die, resulting in fewer organs available for life-saving transplants. The Human Organ Transplant Act allowed the kidney, liver, heart and corneas to be retrieved from anyone who dies unless they have opted out but the grieving families tend to delay the process and the organs remained unusable. The number of transplants decreased as the years go by. Many families still object to organ harvesting. 

The writer didn't make any point of view so here is mine. I do understand why many families still refused to have organs taken away from their loved ones. The article stated that the reason why is because many still believed that even when one is dead, that entity may not have dispersed immediately and thus they have a wake period of three to five days before disposing of the body. Many will still miss their loved ones after they die, thus, they will want to see them as a whole without any empty spots in one's body for the last few days at least. I believe that no one would want to see their loved ones having all their organs taken out even before they are cremated or before they are at the wake. As from my own personal experience, my loved one passed away recently and I understand the grief families had gone through when their loved ones die. Even though we really want to help other people have a new life once again with new healthy organs, we still couldn't bear to give up our loved ones' organs to someone we do not know. This may seem selfish but if you ever experience the death of your loved one, you will understand because you still miss him like we do. 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Jeslyn Teo (10) 2H

Date Of Article : 27 April 2015

Article :

Title : Woman arrested for fatal accident along Bukit Batok Street 22

Summary : Paramedics pronounced a woman in her 60s dead at the scene, says the Singapore Civil Defence Force. A 24-year-old female driver was subsequently arrested for causing death by negligent act.

Response : I feel that the 24-year-old female driver was very careless. This also reflects badly on young drivers as many think young drivers are incapable because they are inexperienced and careless, and having this kind of fatal accident happening, it enhances the thinking that young drivers are incapable of driving as they do not care for road safety or does not have any skills to drive a car. I think that the old lady is indeed very innocent as it was not her fault that the young driver was negligent and thus caused an accident. All drivers should be careful on the road and take notice of elderly or young children crossing the road more carefully and not be as careless as the 24-year-old female driver.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Jeslyn Teo (10) 2H

Date Of Article : 16 April 2015

Article :

Title : Teams to double search area for missing flight MH370 after May 

Summary : The Malaysian, Australian and Chinese governments said the search area for the missing will be expanded to nearly double if nothing is found in the huge undersea area now being scanned for wreckage, in a press conference on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Response : I feel that it is a very regrettable incident and a tragedy itself. Many family members of the passengers of MH370 are indeed at a loss and would always pray for their family members to come back safe and sound but there is no news up to date. Malaysia Airlines should have step up safety precautions in prevention of these kind of airplane disappearances but there are still many more airplanes from around the world going missing all of a sudden, but with some lucky ones which managed to recover the black box and find out why the airplanes went missing. I have also viewed air flights as one of the safest means of transport, but as of now i am not so sure. 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Wei Zeyu 21 (week 7)

The issue being discussed today is about teen blogger convicted on two charges. Teenager Amos Yee Pang Sang was found guilty of uploading obscene image on his blog and intending to hurt the feeling of Christians in a Youtube video. He is scheduled to find out his sentence on June 2, by which time a report on whether he is suitable for probation will be ready.

I felt angry after seeing this article. I did not watch the video but I heard from others that what is video is all about is insulting Christianity. I am a Christian myself, since young, my mother has brought me to church every week to worship our God. I believe in my religion and I respected God. However, this teenager, did I not respect my religion instead, he insulted it. I was furious not only because that it is my religion Singapore is a country which everyone has the freedom of religion, so we should all respect one another's religion, he should not have insulted any religion even though he is a free thinker. Amos Yee has also insulted our Late mr Lee Kuan Yew, I think his parent should teach him what is alright to say and what is not. Freedom of speech does not mean that people can talk anything without thinking of its consequences. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Ng Yi Jie (17)

5 things young Singaporeans waste money on without realising it

This article lists out the 5 things which young Singaporeans waste money on without realising it, and most of the points are actually true.
We usually spend on unnecessary things, or for memberships that we rarely use. The 5 things that this news article listed are things that even I am guilty of. Why are we thoughtlessly spending money on things that we would not use or need? We do not need a gym membership, a nearby park usually have work out equipments too. Purchasing ill fitting clothes is also the buyer's fault as he/she does not take measurements to ensure if the clothing would fit. Over-ordering at restaurants had never been a problem for me, but maybe other young Singaporeans can skip the appetizers and just have their main courses, which usually fills our stomachs already. Manicure can be easily learnt and practised at home, unless you really wish to have outstanding designs on your nails, then you go for a manicure. However a manicure as such usually cost about $80, with each art drawn on the nail costing $8. It is true that young Singaporeans are wasting money on nail art, which only lasts up to a month. Having fancy food all the time is also a waste of money. According to the article, people usually have fancy food to instagram the pictures of it.
However, to some people, all these things mentioned above may not be a waste of money. We all think differently and have different views on how money is being wasted. In my opinion, we do realise that we are wasting money on these things, but we still do it for the sake of fun.

Leong Shi Hui Current Affairs Response 13/5/15

Article Title: IKEA Security Staff Returns Bag with $20000 in cash to Owners
Article Link:

1. The issue that is discussed in the article is that two IKEA Tampiness security guards named Mr Lee and Kana returned a bag containing his passport and $20000 to the customer who lost it, Mr Tay Siong Tang without taking away anything.

2. I feel reassured to know that there are still responsible people like this in the world. Most people would just pocket the money for themselves and pretend that they didn't see anything, but these two security guards still did the correct thing even when there is a high possibility that the customer has left the premises but they still did it with knowledge of that. I am envious of their high level of  self-discipline because I am not sure if I could do that if I were the one who found the bag because I don't think that I would have the courage to do something like this. I wish that more and more people will develop this type of commendable self-discipline in the future and make Singapore a better place to be in.

Chuan Han Wei(26)

Title: Man gets 3 weeks' jail for slapping blogger Amos Yee - See more at:

A man was sentenced to three weeks in jail after slapping Amos Yee outside the state courts last month. The man has since pleaded guilty. He explained that the reason he slapped Amos Yee was because he found that Amos actions had portrayed Singapore in a negative light. Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Winston Man said Neo initially restrained himself and did not confront Yee until his third court appearance on April 30 when he realised the teenager had flouted his bail conditions. I understand the fury and frustration of people on Amos's actions and words that insulted Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Chritianity. However, I feel that we should not take law into our own hands. We should wait for the courts decision on the necessary punishments he face. This is a bad example as it uses violence. Violence can never solve anything. However, Amos Yee should also learn a lesson but not using violence.  Maybe counselling can help him realise his mistakes and turn over a new leaf. 

Ow Wen Xuan (18) 13/05

Current Affairs (8)

Link to article :
Article name : Man gets 3 weeks' jail for slapping blogger Amos Yee
Published date : 11 May 2015

  This article is about Neo Gim Huah, the unemployed man who slapped Amos Yee outside the state court last month, getting sentenced to 3 months in jail. Neo Gim Huah's main motive was to let it be publisised so that the world will know that Amos Yee was being taught a lesson. To do so, he waited at the States Court for Amos Yee to arrive and slapped him in the presence of the media on the afternoon of April 30. He believed that by slapping Amos Yee, it would instil fear in him and let him know what the ways of the world are and thus teaching him a lesson.

  As the writer did not express his point of view, I will elaborate more on my point of view instead. I strongly disagree with Neo Gim Huah's actions. I believe that this is an inappropriate way of teaching someone, who in this case is Amos Yew, a lesson. This method is not a good example to the public as it results in violence. It would be better if this case is judged fully by the law instead. However, I agree to a certain extent that there is a need for Amos Yee to learn his lesson so that he will change and not continuing doing wrong things.

Lee Xin Yi (13)

Article name: Students should treasure their SG50 Lego sets: Heng Swee Keat 
Article link:

  This article is about Education Minister Heng Swee Keat urging students to treasure the 244-piece commemorative Lego sets in conjunction with SG50. The unique Lego sets were given to all students by MOE and it can build three Singapore icons - the Cavenagh Bridge, Changi Control Tower, and the Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay. Education Minister Heng Swee Keat encouraged all students to keep the Lego sets and treasure it as it is a very special thing that they can look back when they grow older. However, there were news that students are selling the Lego sets online for money.
  I agree with Education Minister Heng Swee Keat. The SG50 Lego sets are unique and special to each and every Singaporeans. It will be the only Lego sets that represent Singapore that are in conjunction with SG50. Also, the Lego sets are only available on sale after national day. Hence, students should be more than grateful to receive the Lego sets for free and before anyone else. However, instead of treasuring the unique SG50 Lego sets, students are in fact trying to sell it on social platforms such as facebook and buy-and-sell platforms such as carousell. Those students should be punish for their behavior. People who want the Lego sets badly but are not students have to buy it themselves but the students being able to get free Lego sets easily in fact want to sell them away. Nowadays, students are taking things for granted. They are too fortunate and thus they feel that everything they have are natural and thus not treasuring them, taking care of them or even keep them properly. To them, money is the most important thing. Thus, I feel that students today should not be treated too good as it will actually spoil them in terms of the characters. They should have a chance to experience how hard it is to earn something for others, and for themselves. However, in the first place, students should feel proud to be a Singaporean. Being able to be a Singaporean is a very lucky thing, since Singapore has been the world top few countries in terms of many categories. Not everyone who want to be a Singaporean can be a Singaporean. There are many people who want to migrate to Singapore but failed due to many reasons. Singapore provided us with good environment, good facilities, good services etc. Therefore, we should also treasure in being able to be a Singaporean. Next, what the students did are actually very hurtful to others. They should have think of the actions before they do anything that are hurtful. To people who love Singapore, they will feel that the students do not love Singapore and sometimes, they will tend to feel pain in the heart when they see people who disregard Singapore in all ways. The students may not know that selling things such as SG50 Lego sets are hurtful but they should be more mature and think out of the box. Overall, all Singaporeans should have a heart for their own country and treasure Singapore, things that have great meaning behind it especially when it is related to Singapore to build a better nation

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Lim Xin YI ( 15 ) 07-May-2015

The main point that this article is reporting is that , oil proves fall after hitting 2015 heights 
As oil is used in many areas, beyond the production of electricity, the cost of oil will affect many people.
Since the price of oil decreased, the price of electricity , petrol , diesel , gas and many other materials. Therefore, the fall of oil price may decrease the economic pressure on the livelihood of commoners.  Industries that require much oil to manufacture goods will benefit even more from this.
As my father drives, the price of oil greatly affects my family . Since the oil price fell,  I believe that the price of diesel used to power vehicles will most likely decrease also. As a result,  for those people who drive, they will be able to save much money as the expense on transport is lowered.
Hence, I think that the fall of oil prices is beneficial to most people as it enables them to save quite a sum of money. However, if a decrease of oil price is too huge, it is not good . This is because, it will lead to depreciation of currency and cases much negative impact on other aspects.  In conclusion,  the fall of the price if oil can bring both good and bad , just like how everything in life has its own pros and cons.
The main point that this article is reporting is that , oil proves fall after hitting 2015 heights 
As oil is used in many areas, beyond the production of electricity, the cost of oil will affect many people. Since the price of oil decreased, the price of electricity , petrol , diesel , gas and many other materials. Therefore, the fall of oil price may decrease the economic pressure on the livelihood of commoners.  Industries that require much oil to manufacture goods will benefit even more from this.
As my father drives, the price of oil greatly affects my family . Since the oil price fell,  I believe that the price of diesel used to power vehicles will most likely decrease also. As a result,  for those people who drive, they will be able to save much money as the expense on transport is lowered.
Hence, I think that the fall of oil prices is beneficial to most people as it enables them to save quite a sum of money. However, if a decrease of oil price is too huge, it is not good . This is because, it will lead to depreciation of currency and cases much negative impact on other aspects.  In conclusion,  the fall of the price if oil can bring both good and bad , just like how everything in life has its own pros and cons.

Lim Xin Yi ( 15 )

        This news article is about , Singapore setting up a Harmony in Diversity. This plan was officially announced at the IRO'S 6th anniversary dinner , held at the Istana on Tuesday night . It will be established  by younger leaders of the Inter-Religious Organisation.  The IRO leaders will also work with schools to incorporate the museum as part of school learning journeys.
        Personally, I think that this project is extremely suitable for Singapore as Singapore is one of the few countries in the world that has religious and racial harmony.  Thus, Singapore is a very good example of a harmonious country and setting up a Harmony in Diversity museum here in Singapore will complement the harmonious situation here in Singapore. When foreigners come to Singapore , they can experience the life in a racially and religiously harmonious country while understanding more about its harmony. This not only applies to the foreigners or tourists ,  but also to fellow Singaporeans. Through  this museum, everyone who visits it can learn more about the harmonious city , Singapore.
       Next, by co-operating with the schools, the students can learn more about the very current society that they are living in. This will enable the pupils to appreciate more about the harmony and peace that they can enjoy in Singapore , but lacking in many other countries in the world. They will also learn to upkeep and maintain the harmony , after a visit to the Harmony in Diversity Museum.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Current affairs luo Tianhong 32

This article was about the trial of Amos yee, with the charges of circulating obscene images and wounding the religious feelings of Christians. Amos yee posted a video criticizing mr lee kuan yew and Christianity, and circulated an obscene image of lee kuan yew, after me lees death.

I think that even though what Amos yee did was wrong, but it did not warrant punishment by court. Let's face it, the reason Amos yee was arrested was not because of the charges above, but rather because of him insulting mr lee. The reason people are angry at him are also because of the above reasons. However, it was not punishable by law. So, amos yee should not be arrested. Both charges can be called into doubt, since many Christians have shown that they are not offended, and the image was just a line drawing. The charges did not touch on the central point of controversy, and it's transparent that the charges Amos yee is facing is just an excuse for him to pay for insulting mr lee kuan yew. What Amos yee did was wrong, but it was not right for him to be called to court. He is still a child, and counseling should be given, not arrest. In fact, this arrest is just proving Amos yee's statement, that the Singapore government is oppressive towards views criticizing the government. Mr lee kuan yew only took such drastic acts towards opposition because that time was dangerous, and Singapore needed a strong government. However, Singapore is stable now, and to show that, it needs to stop restricting the opposition towards the government, such as in the incident with Amos yee.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Yeoh Zi Jun(36) 2H

The article that I am discussing about today is that the youtuber, Amos Yee pleads not guilty and declined to take his stand. Amos yee, a teenager, pleaded not guilty to charges of posting an obscene image and insulting Christianity and the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He said that he is not remorseful and that any offense cause was an aspect of freedom of speech. As the writers did not express their  views about this, I should do so myself. I feel very enraged at the fact that he does not plead guilty to the charges even though all the arrows were pointing at him. He is unrepentant and thus I feel that he does not deserve a second chance. Although some might argue and say that he is only a teenager and has not really matured yet, a flip of the coin reveals that him being a teenager should understand the severity about his actions and have the integrity to do what is right. He is a delinquent who has no respect whatsoever. However notorious he is, I feel that he is actually very smart. The points he made did not seem like utter rubbish and that he supported his points with evidence. The fact that he was invited to a dinner with the sdp members demonstrates that others respect his intelligence. If Amos Yee applied his intelligence correctly, he may be capable of something big. Yet he took a wrong turn and walked the wrong path. His stubbornness does not serve him any good as he continues to hurt the people around him with his acid tongue.


Koh Yi Ling (12) (for 26th Apr)

News article: Video of toddler being stomped shocks Chinese

This article is regarding a a video of a man stomping on the head of a toddler on the street causing the Chinese to be furious. The 2 year old toddler, Li Zhexu was playing with playing with a broom outside shops and Wang Jiaolong, 28,  approached him and kicked him in the head. After the toddler fell, he stamped on his head and hand 13 times, then pick up the dustpan and broom to strike him continuously, and no pedestrian has stopped by to stop him. 

I feel that Wang Jiaolong should not treat a toddler this way. The toddler was only 2 years old and Wang Jiaolong kicked him, and even stomped him. The toddler could have died from his actions, but fortunately wasn't in critical condition, even though he was fractures in his skull. No matter what the reason is, it is not right to treat anybody like this and the toddler was just playing with a broom.the parents of the toddler should have taken better care of him and not leave him alone. Wang Jiaolong should have  thought about his actions before doing them and should have thought about the consequences. Pedestrians who passed by should have also stopped by to stop him from further hurting the child but no one did. If I were there, I would definitely stop by and tell him to stop.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Yong Jie Ning (22) 6 May 2015

Amos Yee challenging bail conditions

Source: Straits times app 
Published on: 6 May 

The issue discussed here is that the teenager, Amos Yee who was charged of attacking Christainity and transmitting an obsene image, refuses to accept the bail conditions. Now, he is even charged with making an online video containing offensive remakes about founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Since he refuses to abide by the bail conditions which prevents him from posting of anything online, the judge decided to increase the bail from $20000 to $30000 with the same conditions. Amos Yee's lawyer even said that by taking away his right from social media, it is like taking away his right from drinking water. 

The writer did not give any opinion but I feel that Amos Yee's lawyer does make a point about taking away his rights from social media is like taking away his rights to drink water. Nowadays, teenagers will either go online to chat or play with their friends physically as sources of entertainment and ways of relieving stress. If the judge prevents Amos from posting anything online, he is being left out in the world and will feel very lonely. Not only that, this incident of him posting negative things online might have caused him to lose friends and they might also not want to play with him since he had gotten into deep trouble and they don't want to get involved. However, I feel that the cause of this problem is the creation of social media. It is a platform for us to share our opinions, but what's wrong is with Amos Yee sharing his views? This is no problem at all but it's the content that he is sharing is inappropriate and insulting targeting at various groups of people, giving people the wrong message that he may not want to deliver. Probably, he is just trying to convey that he didn't like Chritianity or Mr Lee Kuan Yew, but others interpret it as purposely offensive message. Despite this, I feel that Amos Yee should look at this matter in a different Angle and understand that the Judge is trying to help him so we to prevent him from posting anymore offensive posts and getting himself into trouble. 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ng Yi Jie (17)

Jurong property owners cheer rail news

This article talks about the rapidly developing Jurong area, and the happiness of property owners due to the rise of property prices in the area.
With many shopping malls such as Jem, Westgate, Jcube, IMM and Jurong Point located all in the Jurong area, this place has become a favourable shopping area for residents. Moreover, Jem and Westgate offers shops such as Marks&Spencer, Isetan and Robinsons, which are usually located in the central area of Singapore. The malls also have many restaurants and food courts.
With so many facilities available around residents, a rail terminal providing transport services for citizens to and fro Singapore and Malaysia is going to be built in Jurong. This will cause property prices to rise due to the convenience available here when one wants to go Malaysia.
Although having more facilities in an area is good, but this may cause overpopulation in the area. More residential areas are being built in Jurong, and not only the residents frequent the facilities, people from other neighbourhoods come here to enjoy a great shopping experience too. Therefore, the area may be overpopulated because of the high developments.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (31) 5/5/15

Title of Article: 9-month Jail Term for Maid Abuse
Published: April 30th, 2015 7:41 AM

This article is about a tutor called Low Gek Hong, who reportedly abused her maid over three months, facing nine months of jail term and also to pay a compensation of $5000 to the Myanmar helper. As the Straits Times reports: 
"Low, who is appealing, had pleaded guilty almost two years ago to six counts of maid abuse, with another 12 charges, which included criminal intimidation and insulting modesty, taken into consideration during sentencing." 
It was only on February 22, 2012 did she manage to seek help from her neighbour, who called the police. By then she was already left with serious injuries, including a broken left finger, multiple scratch and bite marks on her skin etc.

After reading this article, I feel really shocked how this heartless woman actually treat her Myanmar maid with such cruelty. The maid must have suffered from a serious physical and mental torture, and I'm glad that at least she is safe now.

This tutor is a very heartless person. She does not care about the maids feelings when she hurts her physically and verbally. The tutor lives in her comfortable world, while her maid has to live in fear of her abusive mistress and suffer both physically and mentally for that. I do feel, that despite the fact that the maid could accidentally make some mistakes at some time, but since she was here to help her do the house chores, then it is definitely not right for her to return this by hurting her. The tutor shall thus face justice and the punishment she deserves. 
I'm sure the Myanmar maid came to Singapore so that she can work hard and earn more money to support her family back in her country, but it is really unfortunate that has has to face such situations which hurt her physically and emotionally. I am really glad, however, that the maid is able to escape this "siege" and she is able to be protected by the law. She should receive much more compensation from the culprit, to compensate for probably not giving her enough pay to feed her family, and for the "damage" the tutor has done to her.

Tong Yizhi (20) 05/05/15

Article: Bad experience for injured tourist.
Date of the article: 5 May 2015

Issue being discussed: A tourist who is unable to walk very well boarded the MRT and no one gives up their seat for him. He is very disappointed As he had always thought that in Asia, the younger generation was particularly respectful of older people. He hopes the shameful behaviour of some Singaporeans that he experienced will change for the better soon.
General observations: sometimes when I'm on the MRT, some young people immediately close their eyes or look at their phone when an older people boarded the train. Although some looked at them with disapproving eyes but they did nothing, which is no much difference with the young people. Nowadays, many youngsters refuse to give up their seats to the needy. In the article, the writer state "Let us hope the shameful behaviour of some Singaporeans that I experienced will change for the better soon." I agree with him. In the public transport or any other place in Singapore, many posters or campaigns can be seen, telling people to give up their seats for the needy. But despite all these reminders, most people simply turned a blind eye to them and ignore. Giving up seats for the needy is the basic courtesy and I think it is very important. Some of the excuses that were heard often were " I'm afraid that they will reject my offer and end up embarrass myself. " or "I was very tired so I didn't notice them. " but I think these people needed the seats for a reason. For example, a pregnant lady. Public transports usually are quite shaky so people loses their balance easily. Of a pregnant lady were to fall down, chances is she will get a miscarriage. The consequences is more severe than we always thought. So giving up seats may seems simple but it is actually very important and means a lot to those who needs them. Thus, I agree with the writer that Singaporeans should change for the better.

I think that the Singaporean who refused to give up the seat for the writer cause him to think badly of Singapore. This thus make Singapore looks bad to the tourists. We should change, not only to help more people, but at the same time left a good impression to the tourists in Singapore. So giving up seat is actually very important. The action may be small, but the result is bigger than we thought.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

chua xinyue (4) 3.5.15

issue being discussed : after one week since the disaster, nepal has ruled out the possibilities of any other survivors being in the rubble of an aftermath of a massive earthquake. multiple teams of rescuers from more than 20 countries have been using sniffer dogs and heat-seeking equipment to find survivors but no one has been pilled out alive. there are more than 6700 people killed and 14023 people injured. hospitals are overflowing and water is scarce.

opinions : i personally find it touching that other countries are willing to help nepal, be it helping to dig out survivors or delivering food supplies and water supplies. although they could have kept their resources to their own country, they did not. they lent a helping hand to a nepal when they were in a dire situation. this taught me that whenever i may see a person in need of help, be it a stranger or a friend, it would not hurt for me to do my best to help them, because who knows, maybe a little helping hand would mean the world to them.

situation in singapore : if this situation happened in singapore, singaporeans would not be able to know how to react because we have never been in such a dangerous spot before. we will not be prepared to face natural disasters as we have never truly felt the fear of losing everything we ever had. this goes to show that we have no first hand knowledge of knowing how to brace ourselves for the worst, thus if an earthquake hit singapore, i am afraid to say that none of us would be able to save ourselves.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Sarah Lim (for 24/4/15)

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Title: Parents turn to apps for homework help

Published date: 27 April 2015

This article is about a rise in the number of Singaporean parents using social media and online apps as a platform for "online tuition" to help their children. Parents simply need to snap a picture of the questions and post it on any of chat groups. Their questions will be answered by other parents or tutors with full solutions within a short span of time.

Personally, I feel this method has more cons than pros. Firstly, parents are able to help one another clarify their doubts through various online platforms. However, this process can be rather lengthy. Let's take this scenario for example. Parent A posted a question on WeChat. Parent B typed out the answers step-by-step so Parent A can understand better. Parent A checks the chat time and again for someone's reply. Finally, she took another bulk of time understanding the solution and explaining it to her perplexed daughter. There is much more time wasted when one turns to apps for homework help compared to consulting a professional tutor/school teacher before the actual lesson begins.

Next, our children will begin to be over-reliant on you whenever they meet with perplexing doubts. They think that once they have difficulty attempting a question, they can easily turn to you and expect the problem to be solved when you consult others through online platforms. They lose their pro-activeness to seek for answers in learning.

Lastly, the answers may not be as reliable because the other party are not as professional as tutors/teachers. This will result in our children learning a wrong concept, bringing even more confusion to them.

I believed these online platforms should be better used for interactions between parents on how to bring up their children successfully, rather than focusing on academics when tuition centres and schools are already sufficient sources of help for our children.