Sunday, 17 May 2015

Ashley Loo (16) 29/4

The issue being discussed here is many families in Singapore are unwilling to have organs taken from their loved ones after they die, resulting in fewer organs available for life-saving transplants. The Human Organ Transplant Act allowed the kidney, liver, heart and corneas to be retrieved from anyone who dies unless they have opted out but the grieving families tend to delay the process and the organs remained unusable. The number of transplants decreased as the years go by. Many families still object to organ harvesting. 

The writer didn't make any point of view so here is mine. I do understand why many families still refused to have organs taken away from their loved ones. The article stated that the reason why is because many still believed that even when one is dead, that entity may not have dispersed immediately and thus they have a wake period of three to five days before disposing of the body. Many will still miss their loved ones after they die, thus, they will want to see them as a whole without any empty spots in one's body for the last few days at least. I believe that no one would want to see their loved ones having all their organs taken out even before they are cremated or before they are at the wake. As from my own personal experience, my loved one passed away recently and I understand the grief families had gone through when their loved ones die. Even though we really want to help other people have a new life once again with new healthy organs, we still couldn't bear to give up our loved ones' organs to someone we do not know. This may seem selfish but if you ever experience the death of your loved one, you will understand because you still miss him like we do. 

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  1. I feel that there is no right or wrong in anybody's decision to donate his or her organs to others. It might be highly encouraged to donate one's organs to save another person's life, it is still a personal decision to do so or not. It is only right that we respect the decisions of that person, and not deem him or her as a selfish person if the latter refuses to donate his organs.