Sunday, 17 May 2015

chua xinyue (4) 15.5.15

issue being discussed : a man stole 3 buses because he is obssessed with them. he travelled in those buses around singapore until he got caught by the bus operations' executive. after finding out one of his vehicle was missing, the executive tracked down the bus and found it near bukit batok central. being under 18, this man, salahuddin, is not supposed to be driving. he has committed both vehicle theft and underage driving offences. salahuddin has been obssessed with public transportations ever since he was a child and attended many exhibitions.

opinions : i find it very ridiculous how one can resort to theft because of one's interests. i could not believe what i read when i chanced upon this article. even if salahuddin liked public transports very much, it is totally over board to steal 3 buses whenever he liked to travel across singapore. moreover, he is not supposed to drive since he is not 18 years old or older. even if he wanted to drive a bus, he could have waited till he was a year older and find a job at sbs transit or smrt. 


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  3. I agree with Xin Yue's opinion and I feel that even if a person has really great interest in something, he or she should not be overdoing it and I mean by an example which is in the news, or even spending a lot of money collecting pieces related to interest. I have a classmate who loves buses, exactly like this teenager in the news. He knows his limits so he only collects the bus directory paper for each bus service and memorized the route of all buses, he keeps up with all the news regarding bus services and bus fares and I feel that this is sufficient enough for a bus enthusiast. Besides, the teenage is much more older than my classmate and should at least be more matured and know what is right and wrong. Also, he had underage driving offenses and this is extremely dangerous as the under aged has never went for official training and he only learnt how to drive through online research. It is highly possible that there might be a car accident as he might not know what to do when faced with sudden situations since he doesn't have much experience of driving a vehicle.