Sunday, 3 May 2015

chua xinyue (4) 3.5.15

issue being discussed : after one week since the disaster, nepal has ruled out the possibilities of any other survivors being in the rubble of an aftermath of a massive earthquake. multiple teams of rescuers from more than 20 countries have been using sniffer dogs and heat-seeking equipment to find survivors but no one has been pilled out alive. there are more than 6700 people killed and 14023 people injured. hospitals are overflowing and water is scarce.

opinions : i personally find it touching that other countries are willing to help nepal, be it helping to dig out survivors or delivering food supplies and water supplies. although they could have kept their resources to their own country, they did not. they lent a helping hand to a nepal when they were in a dire situation. this taught me that whenever i may see a person in need of help, be it a stranger or a friend, it would not hurt for me to do my best to help them, because who knows, maybe a little helping hand would mean the world to them.

situation in singapore : if this situation happened in singapore, singaporeans would not be able to know how to react because we have never been in such a dangerous spot before. we will not be prepared to face natural disasters as we have never truly felt the fear of losing everything we ever had. this goes to show that we have no first hand knowledge of knowing how to brace ourselves for the worst, thus if an earthquake hit singapore, i am afraid to say that none of us would be able to save ourselves.

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  1. I agree with Xin Yue that when Singapore meets with an earthquake or any natural disaster, we might not know how to react since we have no experience at all. Even if we have some knowledge of what to do, eg: stay under the table. We might not stay calm and do so. Imagine if you were alone in some foreign place and an earthquake strikes, will you know what to do? Probably most of us will go frantic and this will cause us to be injured more easily. Therefore I feel that we should still have confidence that there are survivors out there yet to be found. I am sure they have experience before an earthquake and they will know what to do. Maybe it's just that they are just underneath too many rubble that nobody finds out. I really think that the government and the overseas aid should not give up looking for survivors.