Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Chuan Han Wei(26)

Title: Man gets 3 weeks' jail for slapping blogger Amos Yee - See more at:

A man was sentenced to three weeks in jail after slapping Amos Yee outside the state courts last month. The man has since pleaded guilty. He explained that the reason he slapped Amos Yee was because he found that Amos actions had portrayed Singapore in a negative light. Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Winston Man said Neo initially restrained himself and did not confront Yee until his third court appearance on April 30 when he realised the teenager had flouted his bail conditions. I understand the fury and frustration of people on Amos's actions and words that insulted Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Chritianity. However, I feel that we should not take law into our own hands. We should wait for the courts decision on the necessary punishments he face. This is a bad example as it uses violence. Violence can never solve anything. However, Amos Yee should also learn a lesson but not using violence.  Maybe counselling can help him realise his mistakes and turn over a new leaf. 

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  1. I have also written about this article and my thoughts were the same as yours. I think you can elaborate about the feelings of Amos Yee. i also feel that laws shouldnt be taken into our own hands and should be for the courts to decide. Violence should not be committed to Amos Yee even though he had committed a mistake and is extreamly disrespectful. However, hopefully h would have realised his mistakes after getting slapped and not do such disrespectful moves again.