Sunday, 10 May 2015

Current affairs luo Tianhong 32

This article was about the trial of Amos yee, with the charges of circulating obscene images and wounding the religious feelings of Christians. Amos yee posted a video criticizing mr lee kuan yew and Christianity, and circulated an obscene image of lee kuan yew, after me lees death.

I think that even though what Amos yee did was wrong, but it did not warrant punishment by court. Let's face it, the reason Amos yee was arrested was not because of the charges above, but rather because of him insulting mr lee. The reason people are angry at him are also because of the above reasons. However, it was not punishable by law. So, amos yee should not be arrested. Both charges can be called into doubt, since many Christians have shown that they are not offended, and the image was just a line drawing. The charges did not touch on the central point of controversy, and it's transparent that the charges Amos yee is facing is just an excuse for him to pay for insulting mr lee kuan yew. What Amos yee did was wrong, but it was not right for him to be called to court. He is still a child, and counseling should be given, not arrest. In fact, this arrest is just proving Amos yee's statement, that the Singapore government is oppressive towards views criticizing the government. Mr lee kuan yew only took such drastic acts towards opposition because that time was dangerous, and Singapore needed a strong government. However, Singapore is stable now, and to show that, it needs to stop restricting the opposition towards the government, such as in the incident with Amos yee.

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  1. I understand Tian Hong's point but I stand strong to the point that Amos Yee should be arrested. Even though Amos Yee is still underage, he should be convicted of circulating obscene images, insulting Christianity and insulting Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

    Firstly, I feel that Amos Yee should be brought to court because of circulating obscene images since he uploaded the video on a social networking website, YouTube. Many young teenagers use YouTube to watch videos and they can stumble upon videos such as this and have a negative impact on their way of thinking. I also feel this way about Amos Yee insulting the Christian community since it will offend the believers and make others think that Christianity is a 'bad' religion.

    Lastly I feel that Amos Yee should be brought to court because he insulted Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Singapore. The time when he posted the video was during the National Mourning period. Singaporeans will feel insulted since they respected Mr Lee Kuan Yew deeply from the heart. As a Singaporean, he should have known this fact and the place of Mr Lee Kuan Yew's in the people's heart. He could have not posted this video but he still did.

    In conclusion, I dusagree with Tian Hong's point because I feel that Amos Yee should be brought to court.