Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Lee Xin Yi (13)

Article name: Students should treasure their SG50 Lego sets: Heng Swee Keat 
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  This article is about Education Minister Heng Swee Keat urging students to treasure the 244-piece commemorative Lego sets in conjunction with SG50. The unique Lego sets were given to all students by MOE and it can build three Singapore icons - the Cavenagh Bridge, Changi Control Tower, and the Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay. Education Minister Heng Swee Keat encouraged all students to keep the Lego sets and treasure it as it is a very special thing that they can look back when they grow older. However, there were news that students are selling the Lego sets online for money.
  I agree with Education Minister Heng Swee Keat. The SG50 Lego sets are unique and special to each and every Singaporeans. It will be the only Lego sets that represent Singapore that are in conjunction with SG50. Also, the Lego sets are only available on sale after national day. Hence, students should be more than grateful to receive the Lego sets for free and before anyone else. However, instead of treasuring the unique SG50 Lego sets, students are in fact trying to sell it on social platforms such as facebook and buy-and-sell platforms such as carousell. Those students should be punish for their behavior. People who want the Lego sets badly but are not students have to buy it themselves but the students being able to get free Lego sets easily in fact want to sell them away. Nowadays, students are taking things for granted. They are too fortunate and thus they feel that everything they have are natural and thus not treasuring them, taking care of them or even keep them properly. To them, money is the most important thing. Thus, I feel that students today should not be treated too good as it will actually spoil them in terms of the characters. They should have a chance to experience how hard it is to earn something for others, and for themselves. However, in the first place, students should feel proud to be a Singaporean. Being able to be a Singaporean is a very lucky thing, since Singapore has been the world top few countries in terms of many categories. Not everyone who want to be a Singaporean can be a Singaporean. There are many people who want to migrate to Singapore but failed due to many reasons. Singapore provided us with good environment, good facilities, good services etc. Therefore, we should also treasure in being able to be a Singaporean. Next, what the students did are actually very hurtful to others. They should have think of the actions before they do anything that are hurtful. To people who love Singapore, they will feel that the students do not love Singapore and sometimes, they will tend to feel pain in the heart when they see people who disregard Singapore in all ways. The students may not know that selling things such as SG50 Lego sets are hurtful but they should be more mature and think out of the box. Overall, all Singaporeans should have a heart for their own country and treasure Singapore, things that have great meaning behind it especially when it is related to Singapore to build a better nation

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  1. I agree with your point of view, that the teenagers should learn how to treasure these lego sets that actually are symbols that represents Singapore. If they do not even treasure these things that are uniquely Singaporean, and be proud to be a Singaporean now, how are they going to be the future leaders of Singapore?
    If a foreigner were to know about this, it would definitely be a major embarrassment, knowing that the people a prosperous country do not even treasure their homeland.
    Errors in your Response
    -"carousell" > "Carousell" (switch your "s" to a capital "S")
    -You should still remember to duvide your point accordingly. It would be difficult to identify your "PEEL" structure and your comparisons if you just put it all into a paragraph.