Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Leong Shi Hui Current Affairs Response 13/5/15

Article Title: IKEA Security Staff Returns Bag with $20000 in cash to Owners
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1. The issue that is discussed in the article is that two IKEA Tampiness security guards named Mr Lee and Kana returned a bag containing his passport and $20000 to the customer who lost it, Mr Tay Siong Tang without taking away anything.

2. I feel reassured to know that there are still responsible people like this in the world. Most people would just pocket the money for themselves and pretend that they didn't see anything, but these two security guards still did the correct thing even when there is a high possibility that the customer has left the premises but they still did it with knowledge of that. I am envious of their high level of  self-discipline because I am not sure if I could do that if I were the one who found the bag because I don't think that I would have the courage to do something like this. I wish that more and more people will develop this type of commendable self-discipline in the future and make Singapore a better place to be in.

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  1. I agree with shihuis point, and I think that it is very important to have this type of people ain our society to give our people a sense of security. I think that this can give people a sense of security, because by knowing that there are kind people out there, they would. To worry as much when they forget their things, but in a society where people always take unattended things for themselves, then the people would not be the same, so there would be a distance between the people. I think this is very important, as if there is distance, then the people would not be as United, so in the end, they would become very wary of each other, and the society would be affected. Thus,I think that what they did was very important.