Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (31) 20th May 2015

Title Of Article: $8M Worth Of Ivory, Rhino Horns and Big Cats Teeth Seized
Published On: 20th May 2015
This article is about a recent case of smuggling in Singapore. What was supposed to contain tea leaves actually held 3,700 kilograms of Raw Ivory Tusk, with 22 teeth believed to be from African big cats, and four from rhinoceros, which was worth $8 million dollars. The Singapore authorities have seized the entire illegal haul last week as it stopped here en route from Kenya to Vietnam.  

I feel that these acts of extracting animals parts are just simply inhuman. These animals are innocent snd they have done nothing to hurt human beings, and yet some still choose to hunt them for their individual purpose: to sell them for huge sums of money. By killing them just to extract their horns in masses, it presents a major threat to the survival of these animals. It is definitely not worth it our too cruel just to kill and animals especially the critically endangered animals just to get money for their own advantage. Just because he or she wants to be a millionaire, exactly how many of the innocent rhinoceroses does she have to kill? Just because there are many greedy people who want to become rich, how further did they endanger these poor species of animals? I believe these people did not think before they act and have any sympathy for these animals. Selling these animal parts may be profitable, but they fail realise how much do these animals suffer as more and more of their kind get slaughtered mercilessly so that their horns can be retrieved. These wild animals are not "wild" and "inferior", but their also have mental and physical feelings too, just like us humans. Thus, I believe that this method of earning money is unacceptable and unreasonable as the process involves gruesome murders of innocent animals for the greedy advantages of some people.  

It is good that much of the world are doing all it takes control and stop the smuggling of animal parts from one place of the world to another. Despite not having to face these issues often, countries like Singapore still stays vigilant and would deal with such cases seriously with the strict laws that govern them. This article about a recent case of smuggling of ivory is one very good example. That is why this illegal haul could be stopped at the ports of Singapore, and the people involved would face the law. Some countries do face more cases of smuggling of ivory, probably because the laws are not strict or  the lack of strong security.  
I think as long as the governments of all nations and world organisations work together to continue to deal this smuggling of ivory seriously with stricter laws, I believe the situation can be controlled, and the endangered species of animals can be protected.

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  1. I agree with your point of view. However, you cannot really state that innocent animals are killed just for money. I do know that people do kill them just for their body parts but in this case, maybe the animals were already dead and thus they extract their body parts for selling etc. I also agree that no matter the animals are dead or alive, we shouldn't even extract their body parts for our own personal usage, like just to earn money. And yes, Singapore do have a high security but we should not be complacent too as we cannot assume that further smuggling cases would all be catch.