Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (31) 5/5/15


Title of Article: 9-month Jail Term for Maid Abuse
Published: April 30th, 2015 7:41 AM

This article is about a tutor called Low Gek Hong, who reportedly abused her maid over three months, facing nine months of jail term and also to pay a compensation of $5000 to the Myanmar helper. As the Straits Times reports: 
"Low, who is appealing, had pleaded guilty almost two years ago to six counts of maid abuse, with another 12 charges, which included criminal intimidation and insulting modesty, taken into consideration during sentencing." 
It was only on February 22, 2012 did she manage to seek help from her neighbour, who called the police. By then she was already left with serious injuries, including a broken left finger, multiple scratch and bite marks on her skin etc.

After reading this article, I feel really shocked how this heartless woman actually treat her Myanmar maid with such cruelty. The maid must have suffered from a serious physical and mental torture, and I'm glad that at least she is safe now.

This tutor is a very heartless person. She does not care about the maids feelings when she hurts her physically and verbally. The tutor lives in her comfortable world, while her maid has to live in fear of her abusive mistress and suffer both physically and mentally for that. I do feel, that despite the fact that the maid could accidentally make some mistakes at some time, but since she was here to help her do the house chores, then it is definitely not right for her to return this by hurting her. The tutor shall thus face justice and the punishment she deserves. 
I'm sure the Myanmar maid came to Singapore so that she can work hard and earn more money to support her family back in her country, but it is really unfortunate that has has to face such situations which hurt her physically and emotionally. I am really glad, however, that the maid is able to escape this "siege" and she is able to be protected by the law. She should receive much more compensation from the culprit, to compensate for probably not giving her enough pay to feed her family, and for the "damage" the tutor has done to her.

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  1. I agree with your points on how heartless the tutor is and innocent the maid is. Personally, I feel that a tutor should be knowing more values and self discipline since she is teaching others and if she doesn't display them, she can't be a good tutor. Also, maid work for them and thus they shouldn't repay them the way the tutor did. I do agree with you that $5000 as compensation is too less. Not only can't it compensate the maid, it also can't help to pay the medical fees that the maid need to pay due to all her serious injuries. However, I think that you should change the explanation on "to compensate for probably not giving her enough pay to feed her family" as the article did not include any information about her not giving the maid the pay that the maid should have. Also, from my own experience, pay is mostly decided by agencies and thus, the tutor shouldn't have any authorities to decide how much to pay to the maid. Thus, we can't include any info that the tutor did not pay enough money for her to feed her family even though you used the word "probably".