Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Lim Xin Yi ( 15 )

        This news article is about , Singapore setting up a Harmony in Diversity. This plan was officially announced at the IRO'S 6th anniversary dinner , held at the Istana on Tuesday night . It will be established  by younger leaders of the Inter-Religious Organisation.  The IRO leaders will also work with schools to incorporate the museum as part of school learning journeys.
        Personally, I think that this project is extremely suitable for Singapore as Singapore is one of the few countries in the world that has religious and racial harmony.  Thus, Singapore is a very good example of a harmonious country and setting up a Harmony in Diversity museum here in Singapore will complement the harmonious situation here in Singapore. When foreigners come to Singapore , they can experience the life in a racially and religiously harmonious country while understanding more about its harmony. This not only applies to the foreigners or tourists ,  but also to fellow Singaporeans. Through  this museum, everyone who visits it can learn more about the harmonious city , Singapore.
       Next, by co-operating with the schools, the students can learn more about the very current society that they are living in. This will enable the pupils to appreciate more about the harmony and peace that they can enjoy in Singapore , but lacking in many other countries in the world. They will also learn to upkeep and maintain the harmony , after a visit to the Harmony in Diversity Museum.

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