Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ng Yi Jie (17)

Jurong property owners cheer rail news

This article talks about the rapidly developing Jurong area, and the happiness of property owners due to the rise of property prices in the area.
With many shopping malls such as Jem, Westgate, Jcube, IMM and Jurong Point located all in the Jurong area, this place has become a favourable shopping area for residents. Moreover, Jem and Westgate offers shops such as Marks&Spencer, Isetan and Robinsons, which are usually located in the central area of Singapore. The malls also have many restaurants and food courts.
With so many facilities available around residents, a rail terminal providing transport services for citizens to and fro Singapore and Malaysia is going to be built in Jurong. This will cause property prices to rise due to the convenience available here when one wants to go Malaysia.
Although having more facilities in an area is good, but this may cause overpopulation in the area. More residential areas are being built in Jurong, and not only the residents frequent the facilities, people from other neighbourhoods come here to enjoy a great shopping experience too. Therefore, the area may be overpopulated because of the high developments.

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  1. I agree that the well-facilitated Jurong is often visited by residents of other neighborhoods. Although the facilities may cause the area to be overcrowded, but it has also been giving a lot of convenience to the Jurong residents. I have been living in Jurong for many years. Jurong point and IMM were the only two malls in the Jurong area a few years ago. I think that the newly added malls have added joy into my life as a Jurong resident, and a larger crowd in the estate would not be a big problem to me.