Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Ng Yi Jie (17)

5 things young Singaporeans waste money on without realising it

This article lists out the 5 things which young Singaporeans waste money on without realising it, and most of the points are actually true.
We usually spend on unnecessary things, or for memberships that we rarely use. The 5 things that this news article listed are things that even I am guilty of. Why are we thoughtlessly spending money on things that we would not use or need? We do not need a gym membership, a nearby park usually have work out equipments too. Purchasing ill fitting clothes is also the buyer's fault as he/she does not take measurements to ensure if the clothing would fit. Over-ordering at restaurants had never been a problem for me, but maybe other young Singaporeans can skip the appetizers and just have their main courses, which usually fills our stomachs already. Manicure can be easily learnt and practised at home, unless you really wish to have outstanding designs on your nails, then you go for a manicure. However a manicure as such usually cost about $80, with each art drawn on the nail costing $8. It is true that young Singaporeans are wasting money on nail art, which only lasts up to a month. Having fancy food all the time is also a waste of money. According to the article, people usually have fancy food to instagram the pictures of it.
However, to some people, all these things mentioned above may not be a waste of money. We all think differently and have different views on how money is being wasted. In my opinion, we do realise that we are wasting money on these things, but we still do it for the sake of fun.

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  1. I agree that doing manicures or applying for a gym membership is more of a personal preference. Girls may take manicure as a hobby, and people may prefer exercising indoors instead of being under the hot sun. However, buying ill-fitting clothes and over ordering at restaurants is due to our own mistakes. It is a bad habit to buy things on impulse without giving much thought into it. Lastly, posting pictures of fancy food is for the sake of being trendy, so I think that it is a waste of money too. But just like what you said, every individual thinks differently and they may not concur with my views.