Wednesday, 13 May 2015

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Article name : Man gets 3 weeks' jail for slapping blogger Amos Yee
Published date : 11 May 2015

  This article is about Neo Gim Huah, the unemployed man who slapped Amos Yee outside the state court last month, getting sentenced to 3 months in jail. Neo Gim Huah's main motive was to let it be publisised so that the world will know that Amos Yee was being taught a lesson. To do so, he waited at the States Court for Amos Yee to arrive and slapped him in the presence of the media on the afternoon of April 30. He believed that by slapping Amos Yee, it would instil fear in him and let him know what the ways of the world are and thus teaching him a lesson.

  As the writer did not express his point of view, I will elaborate more on my point of view instead. I strongly disagree with Neo Gim Huah's actions. I believe that this is an inappropriate way of teaching someone, who in this case is Amos Yew, a lesson. This method is not a good example to the public as it results in violence. It would be better if this case is judged fully by the law instead. However, I agree to a certain extent that there is a need for Amos Yee to learn his lesson so that he will change and not continuing doing wrong things.


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  2. I agree with your point that it is inappropriate of Mr Neo to teach a lesson by using violence as violence will not solve the problem and will lead to even more problems. Mr Neo must have been really mad at Amos Yee for him to bring himself to slap Amos Yee in the presence of the media. However,no matter how much hatred he has towards Amos Yee and want to teach him a lesson,using violence would not solve the problem. Hence I feel that he is wrong. I feel that it is reasonable for him to be angry at Amos Yee and I feel angry too. However, what I find unacceptable is that Mr Neo used violence. No matter what Amos Yee had done, he is still a human being and feels pain.
    I find that your point is a bit short and perhaps you could add in some more points. I also feel that you could include in your paragraph what other methods could be used instead to teach him a lesson so that he can change his fiendish ways? However, your points are made clearly which is good. Keep it up.