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Sarah Lim (for 24/4/15)

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Title: Parents turn to apps for homework help

Published date: 27 April 2015

This article is about a rise in the number of Singaporean parents using social media and online apps as a platform for "online tuition" to help their children. Parents simply need to snap a picture of the questions and post it on any of chat groups. Their questions will be answered by other parents or tutors with full solutions within a short span of time.

Personally, I feel this method has more cons than pros. Firstly, parents are able to help one another clarify their doubts through various online platforms. However, this process can be rather lengthy. Let's take this scenario for example. Parent A posted a question on WeChat. Parent B typed out the answers step-by-step so Parent A can understand better. Parent A checks the chat time and again for someone's reply. Finally, she took another bulk of time understanding the solution and explaining it to her perplexed daughter. There is much more time wasted when one turns to apps for homework help compared to consulting a professional tutor/school teacher before the actual lesson begins.

Next, our children will begin to be over-reliant on you whenever they meet with perplexing doubts. They think that once they have difficulty attempting a question, they can easily turn to you and expect the problem to be solved when you consult others through online platforms. They lose their pro-activeness to seek for answers in learning.

Lastly, the answers may not be as reliable because the other party are not as professional as tutors/teachers. This will result in our children learning a wrong concept, bringing even more confusion to them.

I believed these online platforms should be better used for interactions between parents on how to bring up their children successfully, rather than focusing on academics when tuition centres and schools are already sufficient sources of help for our children.



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  3. Although i agree to Sarah's points, I think that this is able to help families who have financial problems in finding a tutor as nowadays, getting a tutor is expensive. However, I think that there are other better 'online' methods to help these struggling students. There are quite a handful of qualified teachers and tutors on YouTube who publishes videos on Primary up to JC questions especiallly STep-bystep Math problem solving! These may be a better choice as they are professionals and free to watch!