Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Tong Yizhi (20) 05/05/15

Article: Bad experience for injured tourist.
Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-letters/story/bad-experience-injured-tourist-20150505
Date of the article: 5 May 2015

Issue being discussed: A tourist who is unable to walk very well boarded the MRT and no one gives up their seat for him. He is very disappointed As he had always thought that in Asia, the younger generation was particularly respectful of older people. He hopes the shameful behaviour of some Singaporeans that he experienced will change for the better soon.
General observations: sometimes when I'm on the MRT, some young people immediately close their eyes or look at their phone when an older people boarded the train. Although some looked at them with disapproving eyes but they did nothing, which is no much difference with the young people. Nowadays, many youngsters refuse to give up their seats to the needy. In the article, the writer state "Let us hope the shameful behaviour of some Singaporeans that I experienced will change for the better soon." I agree with him. In the public transport or any other place in Singapore, many posters or campaigns can be seen, telling people to give up their seats for the needy. But despite all these reminders, most people simply turned a blind eye to them and ignore. Giving up seats for the needy is the basic courtesy and I think it is very important. Some of the excuses that were heard often were " I'm afraid that they will reject my offer and end up embarrass myself. " or "I was very tired so I didn't notice them. " but I think these people needed the seats for a reason. For example, a pregnant lady. Public transports usually are quite shaky so people loses their balance easily. Of a pregnant lady were to fall down, chances is she will get a miscarriage. The consequences is more severe than we always thought. So giving up seats may seems simple but it is actually very important and means a lot to those who needs them. Thus, I agree with the writer that Singaporeans should change for the better.

I think that the Singaporean who refused to give up the seat for the writer cause him to think badly of Singapore. This thus make Singapore looks bad to the tourists. We should change, not only to help more people, but at the same time left a good impression to the tourists in Singapore. So giving up seat is actually very important. The action may be small, but the result is bigger than we thought.

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  1. I agree with you that they are some inconsiderate people that do not give up seats to the needy or litter in public. However, there are also many good Samaritans that are around to provide help, not seeking any attention. They do kind acts from the bottom of their hearts and we just all do our parts to keep singapore a city where kind acts begin.