Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Yong Jie Ning (22) 20 May 2015

"At least 100 killed" in bloody clashes on migrant vessels

Source: iPad Straits times app 
Published on: 20 May 

The issue discussed here is that two Indian groups, the bangaladeshis and the Rohingya immigrants were fighting against each other in a vessel off Indonesia with axes, knives and metal bars over supplies in the vessels. Survivors were suffering from bruises and cuts while an estimated amount of 100 to 200 people were killed. The survivors either jumped down from the vessel to escape from the other party attacking or were rescued by the fishermen passing by. They were then being brought ashore in South East Asia after a Thai crackdown disrupted regular human-trafficking routes. However, the stories of each group were totally different and conflicting with each other. 

The writer did not express any opinions but I feel that they should have talked to each other nicely instead of having fights. This looks more like a racial strife except that it is occurring in a vessel, not in a country. Even if they couldn't talk properly to one another, they should not resort to fighting. At least they should have tried other ways to talk to one another like hand signaling or trying to make sound effects. I believe fighting is the poorest way of communicating and it is the worst resort to take as it only hurts people and no effectiveness in communicating with people. An example is the news above. This fight and different stories told by different groups of people shows the discrimination between the two nationalities. I think that this will not happen in Singapore as we are a harmonious country and we promote racial harmony. I believe that Singaporeans will also not resort to fighting even at the last choice so that everyone will be kept safe. 

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  1. i agree with you completely as the above commotion was totally dangerous and 100 were killed. the lost of these lives could have been prevented if they could only talk things through and undertstand each other's thoughts and differences and work things through. also, i find that racial discrimination in the world has become a large issue nowadays although people seem to brush this news off easily. recently last year, there was also a riot in some place of amercia which occurred due to racial issues between the african-americans and the americans. i find this issue rather childish as everyone is supposed to be equal individuals.