Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Leong Shi Hui (14) 30/6/15

Article Title: McDonald's delivery service uses taxi during Ramadan rush 
Article Link: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/mcdonalds-delivery-service-uses-taxi-during-ramadan-rush

1. The issue being discussed is that a McDonald's delivery guy delivered the order of a group of warehouse workers using the taxi so that the meal could be eaten by them before they had to fast.

2. When I saw the headline, I was surprised since I didn't expect the McDonald delivery guy to use a taxi to deliver the meal. I would only see McDonald delivery guys using their motorcycle to deliver the meals, not a taxi. When I read this news, I was touched in a sense because this shows that McDonald's respects the culture and tradition of other races. They understand that the Muslims had to fast almost the whole day and could only break fast at certain timings, hence they would want the Muslims who ordered a McDonald meal to get their meal on time and be able to eat it before they have to fast. They could have told the delivery guy to take his motorcycle and deliver the meal when they paid extra money to call a cab and deliver the meal on time. This shows a mutual respect and understanding for the different culture and religions in Singapore unlike other countries where there is a dominant race. Hence, I was touched b y this news since this shows the acceptance of other cultures and religions.

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  1. I think that what the delivery man did is debatable, as whether there was a need for them to take the taxi was not stated. I think that a motorcycle is as fast as a taxi, so I do not see why the delivery man had to take a motorbike, so I think more elaboration is needed on shihuis part to justify the action. Of course, if it was really done because there was a need to, then we will need to compliment his actions, so I think with more elaboration, it would be clearer, so I think shihui should have elaborated more.