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Article name : McDonald's delivery service uses taxi during Ramadan rush
Published date : 26 June 2015

This article is about a group of warehouse workers having their McDonald meal delivered using a taxi instead of the usual motorbikes.The people were impressed by the fast food restaurant's efforts to deliver the food on time so that they would have enough time to be able to finish eating before fasting. A spokesman for McDonald also mentioned that the use of taxis for delivery is not just for the fasting month but also during any other time period when they do not have enough motorbikes for delivery.

After reading about how satisfied the group of warehouse workers were at the efficiency of McDonald's delivery service, I strongly agree with them because this shows that they took many things like the customer's needs into consideration, and were willing to take measures to ensure that their delivery will be on time. On the other hand, they also considered other improvement that can be made such as a faster and more efficient order taking which they are currently trying out in some outlets like the one at jurong east.

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  1. After reading this article, I agree with your point of view. I am deeply heartened by the fact that Mac Donald's would go up to such great extent so as to deliver meals on time. Their actions has left a very good impression on me. Usually, if there are too many orders, restaurants, fast food outlets would expect the customers to wait for their meals and would not think of ways to make their services faster and would only apologies. After apologizing, the customers could only continue waiting. Mac Donald's however, made an exception and went the extra mile to deliver their food. Their actions have set the benchmark for delivery of food. Mac Donald, along with it's good food and good services, would attract a lot of customers and I feel they deserved it.