Sunday, 28 June 2015

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Article name :National Day Parade tickets selling on Carousell for up to $400
Published date : 28 June 2015

This article is about an user named "kox koh" on carousell, selling this year's National Day Parade tickets, pricing them from $200 to $400. These tickets were originally free for the public and the just had to participate in a ballot to get them. The results were then announced before the successful applicants can start collecting them. There were people who failed in getting the tickets who voiced out saying that they hope actions will be taken since the tickets should be given to people who have the desire to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday instead of people like him who makes use of it to earn profit.This is also against the rules since sale of those tickets were prohibited.

After reading about the point of view of the reader known as totoman, I agree with what he said. I believe that these people, who simply makes use of these privileges to earn profit, do not deserve to get these tickets and that the tickets should be given to those who really have the passion to celebrate the moment with Singapore instead. At the same time, I also feel that further actions should be taken so that people would not be able to sell the tickets like that anymore.

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  1. Yes I agree with your point of view. Cunning and sly people are always in the community like him. We all belong to Singapore and each of us have equal privileges to celebrate Singapore's fiftieth birthday. So what gives him the right to price those national day parade, futhermore at a insanely high price. The person has misused the privilege of being able to sell stuff online. His actions shared a bad light on Singapore citizens and this demonstrates the unpatriotism displayed by Singapore. I hope that there are few or no more similar people tarnishing the reputation Singapore has achieved over the last fiftly years.