Friday, 31 July 2015

Lim XIn Yi (15) 27-July-2015

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This news article is about the Merck and NewLink Genetics' VSV-ZEBOV vaccine, which has been recently tested to be 100% effective in protecteing we, humasn, from Ebola disease. It is a very big breakthrough as it is proven to be really capable of protecting humans against Ebola, which is a very dangerous disease once contracted.

I think that this new discovery is very significant in the medical industry as it will help prtoect peole from Ebola. Not long go, it was reported to have many cases of EBola-contracted paients in Korea and many of them died as a result of this diesease. With this vaccine, many innocent lives can now avoid being tortured and killed by this fatal disease. As this vaccine is now being tested among other Ebolainfected patients of a younger age, I really hope that this vaccine works on people of all ages, regardless of their genders.

Although in Singapore, we may not have had any cases pf Ebola beofre. the dscovery of this vaccine is still very important and still contribute much to our nation. This, is bacuse, although we may not have had ebola cases in SIngapore, we 
can now inject this vaccine beofre we want to travel overses to other countries where Ebola is prevalnet, to prevent onesekf from getting the disease.Hence, I
truly hopr that the vaccine is really 
effective in protecting all poeople from

Lim Xin Yi (15) for 13-July-2015

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This article is about a power outage which affected 23 blocks in the Bukit Batok estate for about two hours on Friday (July 31) morning. It was quite serious as the even the traffic lights in the area did not function during tha 2 hours, causing much chaos. Furthermore, one resident was trapped in the elevator.

I think that this incident reflects the need for the authorities to do regular checkups on the elecctrical circuit in the neighbourhoods to enusre its state of condition. I think that if this incident were to happen in the night, the consequences would have been much worse as it would be darker without the sunlight, whereas in the morning, even without the electrical lights and roadlamps, it would still be quite visible. Even so, I think that this power outage that lasted for 2 hours is quite serious. Although police officers were sent too traffic junctions, i twould most probably be very messy as it is peak hour in the weekday morning, with many people rushing to wrok or school. Accidents such as being stuck in the lift is also a very dangerous accident which may happen. Personally, I think that the officials could have speed up their work in recovering the electricity city in that area, instead of using 2 hours to restore the power. By taking such a long time, more inconveniences are created, apart from bigger issues such as traffic congestions. Simple things that can haooen is that, foods stored in refrigerators may be spoiled after 2 hours of which the fridge is not cold. For people conducting businesses, it is also very inconvenient as a simple thing such as printing a receipt is impossible without any electric supply. Thus, I think that it is really very important for the authrities to condeuct  spot-check on electrical circuits or controls in neighbourhoods after a certain time, preventing such accidents of power outage from happening again in the future.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Leong Shi Hui 28/7/15

Article Title: Employee sacked after being filmed using fruit knife to scrape dead skin at Kopitiam food court
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1. This article is talking about a Kopitiam food court employee in the branch at Sembawang's Sun Plaza  who was caught on camera using a knife that looked like a food knife to remove the dead skin on her hand. After finishing it, she just used a recipt to wash it before putting it under the register. This is a very unhygienic act.

2. I feel that what the employee did was very bad because the Kopitiam is somewhere for people to eat their meals. If I were to see something like while I was eating, I would definitely be disgusted and would lose my appetite to eat. I feel that the employee should do it somewhere away from the public eye if there is an urgent need for it since the people will misunderstand and think that the knife is the knife used to cut food since they both look alike. Moreover, this act will affect the stall's business and Kopitiam's hygiene rating since no one would be willing to buy food from that stall after seeing this since there is food where the employee did that such implies the possibility of  the food they sell being contaminated. In conclusion, I feel that what the employee did was inappropriate since it shows to the public that the hygiene of Kopitiam outlets or at least the stall is very low.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Yong Jie Ning (22) 22 July 2015

Dengue warning as cases increases 

Source: iPad straits times app 
Published on: 22 July 2015 

The issue discussed here is that the warmer months here which is in June and October have increased the growth of mosquitoes as it accerlates breeding and maturation cycles of the Ades mosquitoes. There are 272 cases in this week which is the most cases in the year and this raises awareness about Ades mosquitoes. NEA also encourage residents to allow NEA officers to conduct indoor spraying to reduce the breed of mosquitoes. 

The author did not express any opinions but the NEA have warned Singaporeans to be on guard against dengue and work with NEA together to prevent the growth of Ades mosquitoes. I know that the warmer months will encourage Ades mosquitoes to "attack" us so we must also do our part to keep ourselves safe from dengue. Some actions we can do is to clear all the stagnant water everyday and regularly change the water of fish tanks, etc. Dengue is really dangerous and can cause victims to be bedridden for up to 2 weeks. 

Current affairs luo Tianhong 32

This article is about the real ease of the students and reporters who are involved in a protest where they broke into the education ministers office, and braricaded themselves in there. The police arrested 30 students and 3 reporters on the charge of breaking into government offices, and were later released.

I think that the students should not have been so rash, as I think that breaking into government premises to protest should only be used as a last resort, meaning that all other alternatives had been exhausted. Even though the minister was not listening to their requests, they could appeal through the media, or street protests, instead of taking such extreme measures, causing the government to arrest them. Even though they were released in the end, it was an unnessacary thing for them to do. However, I admit that it did attract the attention of the media, and caused the government to face this issue. This protest has the shadow of the sunflower protest, where students broke into the parliament hall, over trade agreements, which successfully caused the government to review the agreement. However, I think that this case is different, as the support is considerably lower, with less than a 100 students breaking in, and over a less serious issue. The sunflower movement was over the unfair process in which it only took 30 seconds for the agreement to pass, while this was over a few minor issues in the textbook. Granted, it's a serious issue in light of taiwans situation, but it is considerably less serious than the unfair method of taking only 30 seconds to pass an agreement that would affect tens of thousands of Taiwanese. Thus, I think that measures should be less extreme, and try other alternatives first.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Leong Shi Hui Current Affiars 15/07/15

Article Title: Pre School to adopt personal approach
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1. This article is talking about an operator, NTUC First Campus to allocate a teacher to two or three children instead of allocating a few teachers to collectively take care of twelve to fifteen children because of a study found that children cared for by one main teacher are happier and more independent compared to those who go through the more regimented approach.

2. I agree with what NTUC First Camous does since it allows the teachers to tend to the needs and interests of the two or three children. There are some childen who are, for example, scared of water. With a teacher caring for two or three childen, the teacher would about to know the child's fears and could tackle the situation by changing the water-based activity to another or encourage the child to step into the water. Since the teacher has a close relationship with the child, the child would be more inclined to conquer his or her fear and the teacher would be able to notice any small changes of the child. If the child who is scared of water is taken care of in the class of twelve to fifteen childen, he or she would definitely be forced to participate in the water-based activity. If the child is embarrassed or shy to tell the teachers of his or her situation, none of the teachers will know and there will be a high possibility of  the child drowning or injuring him or herself in the water. Hence, it can be see that there are many benefits of having a teacher to a group of two to three childen. Thus, I agree with NTUC First Campus.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (31) 21st July 2015

Title: Elderly slapped in video: Police investigating woman for allegedly assaulting mother 
Published: 23 July 2015

This article is about a police investigation about recent video posted on Facebook about a woman who was seen slapping a old woman's face, who was believed to be her mother. The neighbours have identified that the younger woman in the video was a woman called Siti, and added that this sight was often seen along that corridor. They stated that shoutings from that corridor were usual and Siti was always seen kicking and slapping her mother. Police are currently investigating this case.

I am really shocked at this cruel and inhuman act by Siti to her own mother. For a 25-year-old woman to assault her own mother, it is really unacceptable. Even if she is angry with her mother, she should never find any way to harm her 58-years-old mother physically. It is morally incorrect to assault ones own parents, and Siti does not even consider her mother's feelings at all. As a old mother, I feel that the old woman would definitely feel extremely hurtful to see her own daughter treating her this way. 

Also, it is quite shocking to know that even though the neighbours have seen Siti assaulting her mother so many times, they "did not know what to do" or simply didn't do anything. I feel that the neighbours lack courage to actually stand up for what's right. When the neighbours see such things happening at the corridor, they should stand up for the old woman and stop Siti from her act or call the police. It is only the right thing to do to stand up for the weak, and it is much better than just pondering at a corner on what to do. 

Ow Wen Xuan (18) 22/7

Current Affairs (13)

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Article name : Elderly woman slapped in video was beaten often, say neighbours
Published date : 21 July 2015

This article is about the neighbours of Kamisah, whose video of her getting slapped went viral online after being posted on Facebook on Morning of 20 July, mentioned that some of them saw Siti, her daughter, slap her twice a week in the common corridor and that they often heard the family members shouting at each other at night and banging on the wall. The neighbours also mentioned that the beating were a common sight and one of the neighbours, Jacqueline Low, even mentioned that she roughly saw twice a week that when Kamisah is sweeping or washing the floor, Siti stands next to her and suddenly starts shouting. Another neighbour, Mr Samat S, also said hat two weeks ago during the fasting month, Kamisah was seen falling down after alighting from a taxi and Siti slapped and kicked her as she lay on the ground.

As the writer did not express his point of view, I will talk about mine instead. I disagree with Siti's actions towards her mother, Kamisah, and I feel very frustrated after learning about it. As the younger generation, I strongly feel that she should at least have basic respect for people who are older than her which includes her mother. In the first place, it is morally incorrect to even be hitting someone, moreover slapping her mother. At the same time, I find it unbelievable that such cruel things still happens in the current society and I feel that children should be educated more on it so that they will not do the wrong things. However, since it was mentioned that this was not an uncommon sight to the neighbours for their case, I feel that the neighbours should have been responsible enough to file a report so that legal actions could be taken earlier instead of not doing anything at all to help.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

chua xinyue (4) 15.7.15

source : just wanted to stop a fight: the man who stood up to the bully on the MRT train

issue being discussed : a man, elfy, stood up for a young man who was being harrassed by another man because he wore a shirt that said "im f***ing special". 

my opinions : i find that being harrassed and threatened for wearing a shirt that describes oneself is totally ridiculous and outrageous. it does not even make sense to begin with. what does another person's preference got to do with that man? moreover, as stated in the article, the young man was avoiding eye contact to prevent provoking the other man. it was very brave and upright for elfy to stand up and intervene with the process when he saw that the young man was going to be hurt. if elfy did not step in, the situation may worsen. 

chua xinyue (4) 30.6.15

source :

issue being discussed : Hong Kong students protested outside the Singapore consulate in Admiralty on Tuesday, calling on the government to release teenage blogger Amos Yee, who was remanded for two weeks at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) to undergo a psychiatric examination. the hong kong university (HKU) student's union organised a protest involving about 50 to 60 students from universities such as HKU and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. On why Hong Kong students were concerned about the issue, one said: "Our core value in Hong Kong is human rights, and we believe in freedom of speech and expression. We have a moral obligation to speak up especially for those who can't do it themselves." 

my opinions : i personally find that what the speaker said was quite true and relevant and that singapore should look through what they have been doing to amos yee. although amos yee did do horendous offences that disgraced himself and his country, singapore should not keep resorting to inhumane ways such as not allowing him to sleep as stated in the article. instead, we should actually listen to what he has to say and understand why he's doing such things from his perspectives. however, the hong kong students were quite overboard having to protest as this may ruin singapore's reputation and moreover, there are high chances of a riot happening and it will be dangerous.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Audrey Yeo 01 for 20/07/15
Published on 11 July 2015

The issue being discussed here is that during the massive MRT breakdown on Tuesday, there was a swell of compassion and kindness among us Singaporeans. Staffs of the MRT and communters work together to help the driver pass down messages, buying snacks for the staffs, smilin to each other in moments of difficulties.

Having heard ungracious and unkind stories of Singaporeans, I was surprised to read that there were no contagion or any uproars during this incident where many people are involved. Thinking about it, I realised that actually Singaporeans are becoming more big hearted and more gracious. There are a number of articles which shows how Singaporeans help a fellow stranger in need, Singaporeans queuing up to donating to the Red Cross, and people are even stressed out by smiles from us Singaporeans!  The world would be a better place for us to live in if we continue or better, a little more kind to each other. I hope Singaporeans would continue striving for Singapore to be a happier country by being the best in them!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Chuan Han Wei (26) 11/7/15

Title: MRT disruption puts strain on buses, taxis. 
On 7 July 2015, two major mrt lines broke down, leaving thousands stranded. Smart said that it could be a power fault that caused the breakdown. 

Thoughts and feelings: I was one of the commuters that experienced the breaksdown. It was horrible as the trains lights were flickering and it was stuffy inside. However, after I got out of the train, the buses were packed and I couldn't take the bus home. In the end, I had to take a taxi and reached home at 10pm. In fact, this is not the first time Smrt has a breakdown. There were many incidents before. I feel that Smrt should learn from the past incidents and not make the same mistake. Instead, they made it worse. Two mrt lines breaking down is atrocious. Even so, I waited a few bus to go to another bus stop as the bus stop was packed. I also feel that Smrt should also give free rides to commuters. 

Luo Tianhong 32 current affairs

This article is about a train break down, and it's possibly the worst break down in Singapore history, with the break down from the crowded nouth south and east west lines. Especially due to the fact that the timing is during the peak hours, 7-10, many commuters are affected. The reason is still unknown, and investigations is still ongoing.

I think that this reflects on the need to constantly upgrade our infrastructure. Especially the transport infrastructure, due to the huge boom in population, and increased travel load through urban and industrialization. However, it is neglected due to its difficulty. Roads are used everyday, and replacing them would cause them to stop working, leading to traffic congestion and jams. Thus, the government is reluctant to carry out the changes, due to its difficulty. However, as shown by this incident, for the long term development, it must be done. Even though the cause is a faulty train, the root problem is the outdated transport infrastructure. With tracks and trains that are old and outdated, problems would come more and more often, and solving the problem without touching the root cause is just a futile effort. Thus, for the long term development and efficiency of the transport industry, I think that we should immediately improve our transport infrastructure, sparing no costs. Even though short term problems would be caused, it is necessary for the long term. If not, the problem would just build up, and cause a much bigger problem later.
From this, I can learn that we should solve problems now, even though it may cause us problems or difficulties, then leaving them for later, because it would build up, but you would still have to deal with it, and have much more problems later.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (32) 9/7/2015

Title of article: Engineer jailed one week for pushing motorist in road rage case

Published: 8th July 2015


This article is about a recent road rage on the roads. Engineer Desmond Tan, 25, pleaded guilty of having to use force against 55-year-old Mr Tan on January 21st this year. On that day, Mr Tan was driving his car, when he suddenly stopped so as to prevent hitting Desmond while he was cycling across the zebra crossing. In the process, Mr Tan sounded his horn at Desmond. Unhappy about the fact that Mr Tan sounded his horn at him, he got offended and followed Mr Tan to somewhere near block 821 at, and pushed him. 

I feel that Desmond Tan is very unreasonable. He is a very hot-tempered person and gets offended easily, and he always seeks revenge. I do understand that when Mr Tan sounded his horn, it never meant to offend Desmond in anyway. Mr Tan actually wanted to sounded the horn so as to warn Desmond to be careful and aware so as to prevent a accident which might be fatal. Mr Tan was just trying to obey traffic rules and not to injure Desmond. Instead of being grateful about what Mr Tan did, Desmond chooses to take this sounding of the horn as an offense, and he reacted very roughly by confronting Mr Tan, threatening to hurt him. I feel that he should appreciate the fact that Mr Tan does care for Desmond's safety while he was cycling on the roads. And even if Desmond wasn't happy about it, he shouldn't have find ways to have "revenge" on Mr Tan. Hurting others physically will never solve issues and tensions, it would only make it worse. Thus, Desmond is a very unreasonable man, and he should learn to think before he acts.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Ow Wen Xuan (18) 08/07

Current Affairs (12)

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Article name : Teenager admits causing mischief, hurting police
Published date : 8 July 2015

This article is about a 16 year old teenage girl, Carmen Chng Jia Wen, shouting vulgarities and hurting a policewoman in June 2013 when the police went visited her house to arrest her brother but she refused to open the door of the house. While she pleaded guilty to hurting a policewoman and causing mischief, her family situation where her brother was also charged for some offenses was also taken into consideration.

As the writer did not express his point of view, I will talk about mine instead. I agree with Deputy Public Prosecutor Carene Poh's idea that Carmen Chng Jia Wen's family situation and age should be taken into consideration too because at such a young age, she might not know all the rights and wrongs in daily life especially when her family members are setting such a bad example. I strongly feel that people around her especially her family members were the main reasons why she did the wrong thing. However, I believe that with proper education on her doings, she will definitely be able to understand why her actions were wrong, thus changing for the better. 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Yong Jie Ning (22) 7 July 2015

Does tuition help or hinder? 

Source: iPad straits times app 
Published on: 7 July 

The issue discussed here is that having tuition does a little help but it often hinders some group of students learning progress. Studies have shown that in Singapore, we rank the first for having tuition for children in 18 countries, the families in Singapore spent about 1.1 billion dollars on tuition per year for their children and that only one third of the parents say that it does help their children. However, students who doesn't attend tuition score better in their tests than the students who attends tuition which is very contradicting as students go for tuition to pull their grades up. 

The writer's opinion is just that there is an urgent need to look into this issue whether having just tuition for students is help or hinders their studying progress and the writer throws a question, " Is tuition a waste of time, money and effort? Does it hurt students instead? " I feel that having tuition is hindering a students progress. Usually students have tuition because their parents noticed that their results are unacceptable and want them to improve further but if you want to improve, you definitely have to revise what is taught and make the concepts clear before going on. However, what most tuition centers do, is go ahead of the syllabus so that when students go back to class, they can already understand what the teacher is teaching which I feel is redundant. I think that tuition is something like an extra lesson that doesn't go ahead of the syllabus but go back to the weaker topics and revise. If not, the student will become blurrer and blurrer as times goes by. This is why i do not have tuition personally as I don't support having tuition. 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Audrey Yeo (01) for 06/07/15

1st July 2015

PM Lee's lawyers seek 'very high' damages in defamation case against Roy Ngerng

The issue being discussed about is that a blogger named Roy Ngerng had wrongly accused Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong of embezzlement of state investment fund GIC and raising inappropriate questions on the Central Province Funds. Mr Lee filed a lawsuit  against him saying that he had defamed him and did not want to accept his insincere apology letters.

There are several cases of people who make false statements and criticise at the government and ministers (such as the Amos Yee's case when Yee announced the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew even though he was not yet dead at that time) through the Internet platforms such as blogs and YouTube videos. I feel that it is alright to share your opinions with other people on the internet however, we must be clear of what we are able to say and post about and what we are not. For example, make false accusation against anything government or political related if we do not have any evidence to prove what we write about. It is disappointing to see how 'uneducated' Singaporeans are for not being able to realize or know what are the severe consequences for doing so. I hope we are able to lessen these kind of cases by making people be aware of what is against the law when on the Internet. 

Lim Xin Yi (15) 01-July-2015

Link to :

       This news article was published on 13-June-2015. It is about the outbreak of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in South Korea due to the clinics' negligence to quarantine the patient despite the fact that he had showed signs of contracting the disease.  It was stated in the article that the businessman had brought MERS back to South Korea visited several health centres for a cough and fever before he was diagnosed, leaving a trail of infection in his wake, and all of South Korea’s cases have been linked to health facilities.

       I think that the main cause of the sudden outbreak of MERS is due to the hospitals' and government's negligence and underestimation of the virus. As the hospitals did not quarantine the patients who were suspected to have infected MERS, the patients who visited the hospitals had a risk of contracting the disease. I think that the hospitals should have taken precaution measures the moment any of the patients showed sign of MERS. Due to the lack of measures, may other patients who visited the hospitals infected the disease and this is the main cause of the drastically increasing number of MERS cases in South Korea. However, now, the government has taken the necessary movements such as quarantine of suspected carriers of MERS. Unfortunately, the situation is not easy to be controlled now.

       Personally, I think that this kind of situation is unlikely to happen in Singapore as the Singapore government has always been serious and has never taken this matter lightly. In fact, our ministers have already spoken about the importance of handling the MERS seriously. Therefore, I feel that it is very safe to live in Singapore as there is a extremely low chance for one to contract the MERS virus.