Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Audrey Yeo 01 for 20/07/15

Published on 11 July 2015

The issue being discussed here is that during the massive MRT breakdown on Tuesday, there was a swell of compassion and kindness among us Singaporeans. Staffs of the MRT and communters work together to help the driver pass down messages, buying snacks for the staffs, smilin to each other in moments of difficulties.

Having heard ungracious and unkind stories of Singaporeans, I was surprised to read that there were no contagion or any uproars during this incident where many people are involved. Thinking about it, I realised that actually Singaporeans are becoming more big hearted and more gracious. There are a number of articles which shows how Singaporeans help a fellow stranger in need, Singaporeans queuing up to donating to the Red Cross, and people are even stressed out by smiles from us Singaporeans!  The world would be a better place for us to live in if we continue or better, a little more kind to each other. I hope Singaporeans would continue striving for Singapore to be a happier country by being the best in them!

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  1. Truly, like what Audrey said, I expected much chaos, unhappiness and negativity during the recent major MRT breakdown. However, it is heartwarming to hear of how kind gestures lift up the spirits of the people. These has helped eased frustrations and changed people's perspective of 'ungracious Singaporeans'. It is amazing to see how we band as one in difficult times. This is a good sign of our capability in working together to overcome adversities that come on our way in future.