Sunday, 19 July 2015

chua xinyue (4) 15.7.15

source : just wanted to stop a fight: the man who stood up to the bully on the MRT train

issue being discussed : a man, elfy, stood up for a young man who was being harrassed by another man because he wore a shirt that said "im f***ing special". 

my opinions : i find that being harrassed and threatened for wearing a shirt that describes oneself is totally ridiculous and outrageous. it does not even make sense to begin with. what does another person's preference got to do with that man? moreover, as stated in the article, the young man was avoiding eye contact to prevent provoking the other man. it was very brave and upright for elfy to stand up and intervene with the process when he saw that the young man was going to be hurt. if elfy did not step in, the situation may worsen. 

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  1. I agree with your opinions that threatening for wearing a shirt that describes oneself is ridiculous. It is only up to us and not others to decide what we should wear. The man who started the quarrel is totally unreasonable, the young man was already trying to avoid making him more furious by walking away but the man still didn't rest and continued to follow him until a Malay man, Elfy stood up for him. This shows how Singaporeans are united in cases when we are bullied by others, just like how he Malay community helped to defend for an innocent Chinese teenager.