Sunday, 19 July 2015

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issue being discussed : Hong Kong students protested outside the Singapore consulate in Admiralty on Tuesday, calling on the government to release teenage blogger Amos Yee, who was remanded for two weeks at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) to undergo a psychiatric examination. the hong kong university (HKU) student's union organised a protest involving about 50 to 60 students from universities such as HKU and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. On why Hong Kong students were concerned about the issue, one said: "Our core value in Hong Kong is human rights, and we believe in freedom of speech and expression. We have a moral obligation to speak up especially for those who can't do it themselves." 

my opinions : i personally find that what the speaker said was quite true and relevant and that singapore should look through what they have been doing to amos yee. although amos yee did do horendous offences that disgraced himself and his country, singapore should not keep resorting to inhumane ways such as not allowing him to sleep as stated in the article. instead, we should actually listen to what he has to say and understand why he's doing such things from his perspectives. however, the hong kong students were quite overboard having to protest as this may ruin singapore's reputation and moreover, there are high chances of a riot happening and it will be dangerous.

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  1. I do agree with one of the Hong Kong students comments and your point of view that everyone has the freedom of speech and shouldn't be punished for his opinions as he is just merely speaking his mind. However, I would like to stress that even thought everyone has the freedom to speak but his content is not positive. He was discriminating Christianity and posted an inappropriate picture online. Firstly, discriminating Christianity may cause social problems between different groups of people. As we all know, Singapore is a racial harmonious country, we accept everyone from different backgrounds and with what Amos had said, it may disrupt our relationship with one another which we have been sustaining since 1965 so I feel that people have their own rights to speak but use words wisely and don't go overboard.