Saturday, 25 July 2015

Current affairs luo Tianhong 32

This article is about the real ease of the students and reporters who are involved in a protest where they broke into the education ministers office, and braricaded themselves in there. The police arrested 30 students and 3 reporters on the charge of breaking into government offices, and were later released.

I think that the students should not have been so rash, as I think that breaking into government premises to protest should only be used as a last resort, meaning that all other alternatives had been exhausted. Even though the minister was not listening to their requests, they could appeal through the media, or street protests, instead of taking such extreme measures, causing the government to arrest them. Even though they were released in the end, it was an unnessacary thing for them to do. However, I admit that it did attract the attention of the media, and caused the government to face this issue. This protest has the shadow of the sunflower protest, where students broke into the parliament hall, over trade agreements, which successfully caused the government to review the agreement. However, I think that this case is different, as the support is considerably lower, with less than a 100 students breaking in, and over a less serious issue. The sunflower movement was over the unfair process in which it only took 30 seconds for the agreement to pass, while this was over a few minor issues in the textbook. Granted, it's a serious issue in light of taiwans situation, but it is considerably less serious than the unfair method of taking only 30 seconds to pass an agreement that would affect tens of thousands of Taiwanese. Thus, I think that measures should be less extreme, and try other alternatives first.

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  1. I agree with Tian Hong since I do not want to see people wasting their life and ruining their future because of something like this since they should have tried many other alternatives to let their voices be heard. I feel that they should have collected signatures for a petition and gathered more people for a public protest. They shouldn't have broke in to the Education Minister's office with such little manpower and proof of the public's displeasure. Hence, I felt that the Taiwanese shouldn't have done that since that puts their lives in danger and their future might be destroyed.