Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Leong Shi Hui 28/7/15

Article Title: Employee sacked after being filmed using fruit knife to scrape dead skin at Kopitiam food court
Article Link: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/environment/employee-sacked-after-being-filmed-using-fruit-knife-to-scrape-dead-skin-at

1. This article is talking about a Kopitiam food court employee in the branch at Sembawang's Sun Plaza  who was caught on camera using a knife that looked like a food knife to remove the dead skin on her hand. After finishing it, she just used a recipt to wash it before putting it under the register. This is a very unhygienic act.

2. I feel that what the employee did was very bad because the Kopitiam is somewhere for people to eat their meals. If I were to see something like while I was eating, I would definitely be disgusted and would lose my appetite to eat. I feel that the employee should do it somewhere away from the public eye if there is an urgent need for it since the people will misunderstand and think that the knife is the knife used to cut food since they both look alike. Moreover, this act will affect the stall's business and Kopitiam's hygiene rating since no one would be willing to buy food from that stall after seeing this since there is food where the employee did that such implies the possibility of  the food they sell being contaminated. In conclusion, I feel that what the employee did was inappropriate since it shows to the public that the hygiene of Kopitiam outlets or at least the stall is very low.

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  1. I agree with what shihui said as hygiene is very important in all hawker centers, so I think that even though this may not be the hawker centers knife, it gave customers a very bad impression. Furthermore, this action is also very unhygienic, so I think that it should not be done in a kitchen, where hygiene is very important. During FCE, we were not even allowed to go in without caps, so I think that this action was wrong.