Thursday, 23 July 2015

Leong Shi Hui Current Affiars 15/07/15

Article Title: Pre School to adopt personal approach
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1. This article is talking about an operator, NTUC First Campus to allocate a teacher to two or three children instead of allocating a few teachers to collectively take care of twelve to fifteen children because of a study found that children cared for by one main teacher are happier and more independent compared to those who go through the more regimented approach.

2. I agree with what NTUC First Camous does since it allows the teachers to tend to the needs and interests of the two or three children. There are some childen who are, for example, scared of water. With a teacher caring for two or three childen, the teacher would about to know the child's fears and could tackle the situation by changing the water-based activity to another or encourage the child to step into the water. Since the teacher has a close relationship with the child, the child would be more inclined to conquer his or her fear and the teacher would be able to notice any small changes of the child. If the child who is scared of water is taken care of in the class of twelve to fifteen childen, he or she would definitely be forced to participate in the water-based activity. If the child is embarrassed or shy to tell the teachers of his or her situation, none of the teachers will know and there will be a high possibility of  the child drowning or injuring him or herself in the water. Hence, it can be see that there are many benefits of having a teacher to a group of two to three childen. Thus, I agree with NTUC First Campus.

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  1. I agree with shihuis point, as I think that even though the numbers of the teachers and children is the same, it would be better for one teacher to take care of a fewer children, as then the teacher would be able to focus more, and there would be a deeper band, instead of a few teachers with many children. A class with fewer people would be closer knit then a class with many people, so I think that this is very important for the teacher to understand the children and take better care of them.