Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (31) 21st July 2015


Title: Elderly slapped in video: Police investigating woman for allegedly assaulting mother 
Published: 23 July 2015

This article is about a police investigation about recent video posted on Facebook about a woman who was seen slapping a old woman's face, who was believed to be her mother. The neighbours have identified that the younger woman in the video was a woman called Siti, and added that this sight was often seen along that corridor. They stated that shoutings from that corridor were usual and Siti was always seen kicking and slapping her mother. Police are currently investigating this case.

I am really shocked at this cruel and inhuman act by Siti to her own mother. For a 25-year-old woman to assault her own mother, it is really unacceptable. Even if she is angry with her mother, she should never find any way to harm her 58-years-old mother physically. It is morally incorrect to assault ones own parents, and Siti does not even consider her mother's feelings at all. As a old mother, I feel that the old woman would definitely feel extremely hurtful to see her own daughter treating her this way. 

Also, it is quite shocking to know that even though the neighbours have seen Siti assaulting her mother so many times, they "did not know what to do" or simply didn't do anything. I feel that the neighbours lack courage to actually stand up for what's right. When the neighbours see such things happening at the corridor, they should stand up for the old woman and stop Siti from her act or call the police. It is only the right thing to do to stand up for the weak, and it is much better than just pondering at a corner on what to do. 

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  1. Posting as Xinyi does not have access to wifi
    I agree with your point of views. I think the old woman would be very sad that she actually has such a daughter. It definitely isn't easy to bring a child up to a young adult, but it is hurtful to be in a situation where her own daughter, the person who she has been spending so much of her to bring up, bullying her instead of talking care of her. It shows that within us, there can still be people that are ungrateful towards their parents and do not even treat them like their father or mother.